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May 29, 2015 Dariusdd | No votes | 36 Views
La Madrina (The Godmother) Based on the rise and fall of mafia leader Maria Licciardi also known as La Madrina (The Godmother) this piece is split into 3 parts. First section being the creation of the mob, movement to interpret the ongoings in the godmothers head and how in which she created her mafia. second section is the mafia being in its prime time, top of the industry, the godmother is worshiped by her mafia, she has created a home a job and a life for them. 3rd part slows down musically and choreographically, this section is to portray the feeling of heart break, guilt and fear. The godmother is alone in feeling this way, she will remove her jacket to show she wants to wash her hands of the blood. THE FIRST SECTION IS NOT DISPLAYED IN THIS VIDEO.
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