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December 12, 2017 funnyshaffer | No votes | 17 Views
With smart phones, virtual reality, cyber news cycles, and social media providing instant information and access to everything, we are more connected than ever before—but are we really making contact?  Exploring and challenging the evolution of social connectivity through movement and music. Harnessing my modern jazz background, the contemporary music of deadmau5, and the dynamic, athleticism of the dancers, my goal was to create a piece that would both entertain and provoke audiences to examine their personal journey and how they interact and dis-engage with society. *Program Note: This piece was originally 7 minutes in length and choreographed in two sections: "Connected" which was more tribal in approach; and "Disconnected". In order to meet in order to meet the eligibility requirements of the Capezio A.C.E. Awards. #SociaLIEzation Choreographer: Matthew Shaffer Section I music: "Baleka" Zimba Section II music: "Some Chords (Dillion Francis Remix)" Artist: deadmau5 Dancers: Malena Maust Chelsey Shaner Elizabeth Rohm Katie Kulasa Maddison Manolis Neshelle Trawick Kendall Alexander Olivia Barner Julia Studer Alison Vitale Katie Vrankin Emilie Klinger Reva Adams Emily Armentrout
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