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From September 1 to September 30
Be this month’s winner of the dancemedia.com Dance Magazine Video of the Month, sponsored by Harlequin Dance Floors. Post your dance videos now. There will be two winners every month — a Viewers Choice winner and an Editors Choice winner. It’s simple to enter. Share any and all kinds of dance. You can enter as many different videos as you would like. But please do not enter the same video for more than one contest. The two winners of the Dance Magazine Video of the Month will be announced on dancemedia.com at the end of the month. Enjoy and remember to vote for your favorites!

Contest Winners

Editors Choice Winner!Little Ease [outside the box]
September 10, 2009 ARO | Rated 4.0 | 6,699 Views
A trailer for our longer piece... Little Ease [outside the box] was initially envisioned and performed nearly 25 years ago by choreographer Elizabeth Streb and has since been performed by a succession of dancers. In its current incarnation ami ipapo has been called on to take on the box. As a performer she is concerned with how much to honor the past and how much of herself to bring to the piece. As a member of the current Streb company, she is keenly aware of the evolution of Pop Action and uniquely suited to exploring this in her role as performer. In collaboration with matt tarr, an avid mover, who will proxy the role of observer via cameras and software.
Ribbon Dance
Ribbon Dance By: nyccc No votes 3,113 Views
PlasmaDanceTheater By: fusionschool No votes 1,667 Views
Jazz- HipHop
Jazz- HipHop By: kristinarch No votes 2,176 Views
Clarice Ordaz
Clarice Ordaz By: clarice Rated 3.8 4,217 Views
RAGDOLL By: AyoHollywood No votes 1,798 Views
Kiss Kiss Dancers Edge 2009
Kiss Kiss Dancers Edge 2009 By: GGDEFans Rated 4.7 3,132 Views
Gravity By: chrisa008 Rated 2.5 2,098 Views
Little Ease [outside the box]
Little Ease [outside the box] By: ARO Rated 4.0 6,699 Views
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