2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search

Be this month’s winner of the 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search sponsored by Discount Dance Supply. Post your 3 minute video clip of yourself performing onstage or in the studio. Two semi-finalists will be chosen each month starting May 2008 — a Viewers’ Choice and an Editors’ Choice — to advance to the finals. Be prepared to send us your resume and headshot if you’re selected. Then, in January 2009, the Dance Spirit editors will make the final cut of three candidates from all the monthly winners (Viewers’ Choice and Editors’ Choice.) Dance Spirit will bring the final three dancers to New York City, all expenses paid, to study with their favorite teachers and to participate in a professional photo shoot. The winner — selected by you! — will be on the cover of the 2009 November Dance Spirit Magazine.

This contest is open through December 2008. If you don’t win this month, you can enter again the following month. Please submit only one video per month for this contest. Dancers entering this contest should be between the ages of 15 and 25.

Good luck and don’t forget to vote!

Contest Winners

December 2, 2008 mslkwolfe | Rated 4.8 | 15,531 Views
Stephanie Wolfe performs to If I Would Be Good at the 2008 Showbiz Talent National Dance Competition in the Teen Diamond Division in Palm Springs, California. This dance was choreographed by Kym De Los Reyes. Stephanie is 15 years old and has been training since the age of three. She dances at Temecula Dance Company.
Editors Choice Winner!Nicole Knudson "Word Up"
December 11, 2008 thedanceclub | Rated 4.4 | 10,817 Views
Solo performance, "Word Up", at New York City Dance Alliance Nationals July 2008. Choreography by Travis Wall.
Stephanie Wolfe - If I Would Be Good
Stephanie Wolfe - If I Would Be Good By: mslkwolfe Rated 4.8 15,531 Views
Brittney Brewer-Dear Old Friend
Brittney Brewer-Dear Old Friend By: michelle1967 Rated 4.9 10,259 Views
lyrical solo-strange
lyrical solo-strange By: dancelaney44 Rated 4.3 3,477 Views
Shannon Parry- Gardenia
Shannon Parry- Gardenia By: SMParry Rated 4.3 9,375 Views
Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek By: balletrocks Rated 4.0 7,219 Views
Brianna Leporace "The Melody"
Brianna Leporace "The Melody" By: bleporace Rated 4.0 6,149 Views
SugarPlum By: Musicality Rated 3.7 3,232 Views
Chasing Cars Improv
Chasing Cars Improv By: LIaco14 Rated 4.7 4,717 Views
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