Dance Spirit Video of the Month

Be this month’s winner of the Dance Spirit Video of the Month. Post your dance videos now. There will be two winners every month — a Viewer’s Choice winner and an Editor’s Choice winner. It’s simple to enter. Share any and all kinds of dance. Show your stuff! You can enter as many different videos as you would like. But please enter different videos for each contest. The two winners of this month's Dance Spirit Video of the Month will be announced at the beginning of next month. Enjoy and remember to vote for your favorites!

Contest Winners

March 5, 2010 kd2008 | Rated 4.6 | 4,650 Views
Gone- Kristin McQuaid Choreography
Hips Activated
Hips Activated By: GeneGeter Rated 3.0 2,882 Views
Preciois By: GeneGeter Rated 4.0 2,930 Views
Gone- Kristin McQuaid Choreography
Gone- Kristin McQuaid Choreography By: kd2008 Rated 4.6 4,650 Views
Cognizance By: dancedevo No votes 2,558 Views
Paulus 5
Paulus 5 By: onlydance No votes 2,372 Views
OMG - Flexibility And Fitness
OMG - Flexibility And Fitness By: GeneGeter Rated 2.0 3,271 Views
Ballo in Piscina - Felix
Ballo in Piscina - Felix By: onlydance No votes 2,341 Views
Can You Hear me
Can You Hear me By: tapstar1102 Rated 4.0 2,837 Views
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