Dance Teacher Instructional Video of the Month

Want to expand your influence as a teacher? Post your video and you could be spotlighted as this month’s Dance Teacher Instructional Video of the Month.

We want to see how you work. Any kind of dance instruction—demonstrating technique or combinations, rehearsal, classroom succe... and any kind of dance. The video should be 3 — 8 minutes long. Be sure to include commentary about what you are demonstrating.

Each month we will select a Dance Teacher Instructional Video of the Month, both Viewers’ Choice as voted by website visitors, and a special Editors Choice. The two winners for this month's contest will be announced on at the beginning of next month. Enjoy and remember to vote for your favorites!

Contest Winners

Editors Choice Winner!The Arabesque
December 9, 2009 mapleballet | Rated 5.0 | 3,896 Views
The arabesque: one of the most beautiful, delightful, and complicated parts of the ballet syllabus. Done correctly, it can be a joy to perform as well as to watch. Done incorrectly, it can cause injury and damage the line of the dancer. This video will illustrate the correct way to perform an arabesque, as well as strategies for preventing injury. Nutcracker photos by Jack Hartin.
Popping Drills #1
Popping Drills #1 By: hdcny Rated 3.0 4,822 Views
PonyBun® Hair Accessory
PonyBun® Hair Accessory By: PonyBun Rated 4.5 3,212 Views
The Arabesque
The Arabesque By: mapleballet Rated 5.0 3,896 Views
Don't Let Anyone Discourage You!
Don't Let Anyone Discourage You! By: grover Rated 5.0 2,730 Views
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