Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition

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Enter to win a $15,000 production budget to go towards your very own show in NYC! This is a great opportunity for choreographers to expose their work to one of the most influential audiences in dance. Visit for rules and regulations.

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Winners will be notified via email on June 18th.
Fix You by Tara Olson
Fix You by Tara Olson By: tksimmons Rated 3.1 3,814 Views
Jason Luks - Desire
Jason Luks - Desire By: jel350 Rated 3.9 3,291 Views
Adhesion By: mxstein Rated 3.7 2,537 Views
#12 By: 1mattie Rated 1.0 2,116 Views
Sweet in the Morning
Sweet in the Morning By: kttnyc Rated 1.0 2,171 Views
glitter. By: marInspired Rated 4.7 11,613 Views
Another Version of the Truth
Another Version of the Truth By: matthewdev Rated 3.8 2,976 Views
Ask About Me
Ask About Me By: vmcava Rated 3.7 2,416 Views
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