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  • American Tap Dance Foundation

    New York, NY

    Contact: Tony Waag

    Phone: 646-230-9564

    Website: atdf.org

  • Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

    Carlisle, PA

    Contact: Alecia Good-Boresow

    Phone: 717-245-1190

    Website: cpyb.org

  • Dance Conservatory of Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Contact: Danielle Pavlik

    Phone: 412-344-3900

    Website: dcpdance.com

  • Goh Ballet Academy Canada & Goh Ballet Youth Company Canada

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Phone: 604-872-4014

    Website: gohballet.com

  • Harid Conservatory, The

    Boca Raton, FL

    Contact: Janet Trivino

    Phone: 561-997-2677

    Website: harid.edu

  • Joffrey Ballet & Joffrey Academy of Dance, Official School of The Joffrey Ballet

    Chicago, IL

    Phone: 312-739-0120

    Website: joffrey.org

  • Minnesota Dance Theatre & School

    Minneapolis, MN

    Contact: Anne Bachem

    Phone: 612-338-0627

    Website: mndance.org

  • New York Theatre Ballet/Ballet School NY

    New York, NY

    Contact: Laura Dunlop

    Phone: 212-679-0401

    Website: nytb.org

  • Paul Taylor School, The

    New York, NY

    Contact: Raegan Wood

    Phone: 646-214-5826

    Website: ptamd.org

  • Pittsburgh Youth Ballet Co. & School

    McMurray, PA

    Contact: Mary Arvay

    Phone: 724-969-6000

    Website: pybco.com

  • School of American Ballet, Official Academy of New York City Ballet

    New York, NY

    Contact: Amy Bordy

    Phone: 212-769-6600

    Website: sab.org

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