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“Flesh and Bone”: Why Does Hollywood Insist Ballet Is So Dark?
November 2nd, 2015 | Jennifer Stahl | More on Dance Magazine
It's here: The first episode of "Flesh and Bone" is now up for a free preview, and all eight episodes will be officially released on Sunday...Read More

What Dancers Can Learn from CrossFit
November 1st, 2015 | Alison Feller | More on Dance Teacher
How to use weight lifting to complement your training...Read More

VIDEO: October Pointe Video of the Month
November 1st, 2015 | Pointe | More on Pointe
Congratulations to the Editors' Choice winner of the October Pointe Video of the Month contest...Read More

Show and Tell: Inside Leanne Cope's Dance Bag
October 30th, 2015 | Amy Brandt | More on Pointe
Ever wonder what life is like as a ballerina on Broadway? Just peek inside Leanne Cope's dance bag...Read More

Watch Kendall Jenner Vogue in This Crazy-Good Balmain x H&M Ad
October 30th, 2015 | Margaret Fuhrer | More on Dance Spirit
There's a new H&M ad out designed to get you stupid excited. There's some girl called Kendall Jenner in it-hey, she's so pretty, whoever she is!-but more to the point, it involves a slew of amaaaazing dancers...Read More

Relaxation Tips for Your Busiest Rehearsal Days
October 30th, 2015 | Suzannah Friscia | More on Pointe
Sometimes figuring out how to fit in that relaxation time-on top of all your classes, rehearsals and a fast-approaching Nutcracker season-only seems to add stress...Read More

SUBSCRIBE! Your Favorite Dance Publications!
October 29th, 2015 | dancemedia | More on Dance Magazine
Click to subscribe to our digital and print publications...Read More

The Diversity Experiment at Ballet Memphis
October 29th, 2015 | Jennifer Stahl | More on Dance Magazine
For over 25 years, Dorothy Gunther Pugh, the Ballet Memphis director, has been committed to leading a company that truly reflects and serves her city, which is over 60 percent black...Read More

A Star Is Born
October 28th, 2015 | Candice Thompson | More on Pointe
Sarah Hay rises in both Dresden & Hollywood...Read More

Tonight at ABT: Marcelo Gomes' World Premiere
October 28th, 2015 | Amy Brandt | More on Pointe
Marcelo Gomes has been gaining ground as a choreographer lately, creating works for Complexions Contemporary Ballet, galas and festivals...Read More

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