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"Breaking Pointe" Season 2, Episode 7 Recap
September 3rd, 2013 | Jennifer Stahl | More on Pointe
"Breaking Pointe" fans have gotten used to The CW exaggerating Ballet West's backstage drama....Read More

Five Things to Love about Breaking Pointe Ep.207
September 3rd, 2013 | Jenny Dalzell | More on Dance Magazine
It's the countdown to Ballet West's opening night of Cinderella. Pre-performance jitters abound-hearts break, thumbs break, and wigs fall...Read More

Choreographic Opportunities in Chicago
August 29th, 2013 | Jenny Dalzell | More on Dance Magazine
What do choreographers Ma Cong, Jeremy McQueen, and William B. McClellan, Jr. have in common with one another?...Read More

Throwback Thursday: Dance Video Edition!
August 29th, 2013 | Alison Feller | More on Dance Spirit
I love the Throwback Thursday (hashtag it: #tbt) trend on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram-especially when my favorite dancers tag themselves in hilarious little kid recital photos....Read More

When Should Dancers Eat?
August 29th, 2013 | Jennifer Stahl | More on Pointe
It's a question every dancer asks herself: If I want to perform my best, should I eat before or after rehearsal?...Read More

“So You Think You Can Dance” Season 10 Recap: The Top 6 Perform
August 28th, 2013 | Michael Anne Bailey | More on Dance Spirit
With Jesse Tyler Ferguson joining Nigel and Mary at the judges' table and a stellar All-Star lineup, I was more than a little excited for last night's episode....Read More

The Bunheads Take One Last Bow
August 28th, 2013 | Jennifer Stahl | More on Pointe
It was announced last month that "Bunheads" wouldn't be renewed for a second season-but Boo and crew weren't ready to hang up their pointe shoes just yet....Read More

Tookey-Choreographed Music Video to Premiere This Weekend
August 27th, 2013 | Andrea Marks | More on Dance Teacher
Stacey Tookey has choreographed the music video for the new single, "Ocean," by singer-songwriter John Torres, set to premiere this Sunday, September 1....Read More

Breaking Pointe Superlatives, Ep.206
August 27th, 2013 | Jenny Dalzell | More on Dance Magazine
Cinderella rehearsals continue this week on Breaking Pointe. Ballet West, as a whole, seems stressed, and emotions are running high....Read More

Sentenced to Dance
August 26th, 2013 | Andrea Marks | More on Dance Teacher
For six weeks, the troubled teens of Britain's Dance United live like professional dancers. ...Read More

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