Come Together

As a Warren Consolidated School of Performing Arts student Grant competed in the 2008 AAU Junior Olympics in the Tap category. He received a gold medal.

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#4 continued cool
but it is a really good song, i just like aerosmith better. the aerosmith version was my jazz song for last years recital, i had 3 aerosmithsongs, Come together, I Dont want to Miss a Thing, and Same Old Song and Dance, but i didnt get to preform in them, cuz i dislocated my patellas and was still recovering, but i can dance again now!
#3 cool
your great, and i love the Aerosmith version of this song, i know it is a beatles song, but im an aerosmith song and the aerosmith has a little bit more to work wtih for dance i think, it has like almost a compleatl sifferent beat.
#2 Nice...
You proved you can tap, & tap well to a slow song-great choice!GRANT:your very talented & it looks like tap comes easily to you,but were you really challenged by this choreography?I don't think you were,it was very simple. Well executed though.I wish the sound were better so I could really hear any interesting riffs & rhythms,but from the looks of it Cramp Rolls, parididles(sp?),variations of shufffles,flaps & toe stands.I think you need harder,more interesting choregography!Compliment-trust me!
#1 wow!
I really LOVE this! and love the song choice too. lots of great rhythms going on here. totally cool! :)
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