I am so thankful to be a choreographer and to work with talented artists on a daily basis. For the last four years, I have entered the Capezio ACE Awards submitting what I thought was the best work I had ever done. And each year I always seem to be more proud of my vision. I think it is becoming clearer as I become older. A good friend of mine says that my choreography entertains the father and brother in the audience who generally don't want to be at that dance show. I take that as such a compliment because all I want to do is entertain. And hopefully, I can make people smile, cry, escape, hope, and everything in between, through my choreography. This particular dance, RHAPSODY, is one's confrontation with self-identity, perspective, imagination, and reality. I used the landscape of mimes to tell the story because a picture is worth a thousand words, even when words cannot be spoken. I want the audience to interpret stories of their own as they enjoy the hip hop vocabulary set to a classic rock anthem. Oh the juxtaposition! I don't know where this entry will take me. I have never given up on my dream, and I believe my journey has so many surprises in store. But in the meanwhile, I hope someone can enjoy this piece of my work. Erik Saradpon MSA Agency, Choreographer Temecula Dance Company, Director Of Hip Hop erik@formcreativeco.com

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