Scorned by Nick Meola

Choreography: Nick Meola Dancers: Meghan Sanett Kelsey Metz Lauren Powell Hailey Transue Natalie Keelan Kylie Yamane

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 62
291 points


#4 Scorned
Beautiful & thoughtfully choreographed! Excited to see where this choreographer & dancer's journey leads him!
#3 Scorned
It was very intense and very well done. I like not only the movements but the expressions on the dancers faces. Thank you Nick Meloa for you moving choreograpy awesome!!!!
#2 Scorned
Well done. Very intriguing movements to the thought- provoking music.
#1 Scorned
Amazing detail to body lines and I loved the intensity and character from the dancers. Also loved the musicality in the piece and the way you staged it. It was easy to follow and very understandable because of their timing with the music. Loved it! :)
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