This solo fuses ballet with theatrical acting to portray the passionate longing that is heard in Nina Simone's voice. Performed by Alicia White. For more info on DANCEWORDZ visit:

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Event: Pointe Video of the Month
Category: Ballet
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Overall rating: 4.3
Votes: 17
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#16 ehh
i wish i could see you better
#15 oh my
i just love this video, i watch it all the time! its so beautiful. keep going.
#14 oh my
i just ove this video, i watch it all the time! its so beautiful. keep going.
#13 uhhh...
good, but what is w/ da camera? it takes yur focus offf yur beautiful dancing!!!
#12 absolutly wonderful
could someone please tell me the name of this song and who it's by? this is absolutely beautiful. I wish I had your talent. kudos for a wonderful video, the music and choreography really go well together

#11 Wow
Great video, the delicate movements are awesome!
#10 It's sad
Like the dance, but the song makes me sad...
#9 Nina Simone & Ballet?
The choice of music and choreography blends well. Kudos.
#8 Interesting...
An unusual ballet video... hmmm interesting.
#7 Theatrical Ballet...
I love the performance! Especially that finally someone combined acting (performing) with pointe work. Good job!

#6 To consvetlana
Before you disrespect other's work maybe you should load up a video yourself to show off what you can do... but guess all you have "consvetlana" is a big mouth and jealousy. Just so you know, this video is on pointe and it won the editors choice award (not viewers choice) and was the Pointe video of the month last year... go ahead and read it on dancemedia, you illiterate!
#5 This is terrible! Are you rising your nu
What is it? Are you doing ballet? You can't see anything. Probably because you can't dance on pointe. Why do your dance have 90.000 of views, but only 5 comments? Are you rising your numbers up yourself?
#4 Nice
I like the underwater filming, nice touch. The dance is unremarkable, is it ballet? I think turn-out is necessary?
#3 beautiful
This is a great piece, very enjoyable to watch!
#2 ????
Why do all of your dances have thousands of views every day but no comments???

#1 I love this dance
this dance is awsome. I like what yall are doing with the poetry and danc. What is the name of the song????
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