The Cave

This is the first piece I have been lucky enough to choreograph. This work came from a photograph I came across of women that were lined up to be killed. Everything in the piece is based on the last couple of thoughts a person experiences before death. Choreographed by - Kirsten Russell Danced by - Leah Faircloth, Kayla Russell, Sarah Pippin, Erin Smith, Chandler Hammersla, Leara Stanley, Olivia Yount, Kelly Choi, and Skylar Mundhal.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2014
Category: General
Keywords: Dance
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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 72
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#14 the cave.
#13 The Cave
#12 The Cave
Great piece!
#11 The Cave
#10 The Cave
Amazing !!!

#9 The Cave
#8 swag
good quality swag.
#7 The Cave
Wow! B e a u t i f u l !
#6 The Cave
So incredibly amazing! This dance takes my breath away!
#5 The Cave
Amazing choreography! This is such a moving piece. Dancers performed beautifully!

#4 The Cave
#3 The Cave
Beautiful choreography! What an inspiration to all dancers.
#2 The Cave
Chills!!!! Amazing and spiritually moving choreography!!!
#1 My favorite!!!
Kirsten is such an inspiration and this dance is insane. I love it.
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