"Somewhere in Between"

Choreography: Ashley Salter Dancers: Katie Scherman and Peter Rice Music: "Electric Counterpoint 1 : Fast" Performed by Pat Metheny; Composed by Steve Reich Lighting Design: Ashley Salter Costume Design: Ashley Salter “Somewhere in Between” is a minimalist duet, performed to Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint 1. Fast. This stark piece showcases powerful, courageous dancing of rich and relentless content. Stimulus for some of the material came from creative research in the form of improvisational workshops where dancers and non-dancers alike contributed written, verbal, and movement ideas to questions surrounding the themes of love, fear, gender, sexuality and identity. These contributions facilitated the abstraction of the struggle against social binaries of gender and sexuality and the futile attempt at distilling the concept of identity. With this work, I hope to challenge audiences to understand their world differently by highlighting the complexities of humanity and questioning the act of defining humans as anything other than human. Reveal humanity, spark empathy.

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