On the Wire

Choreographer: Hailey von Schlehenried Dancers: Travis Morrison, Derrick Smith, Dexter Green, Molly Ni'Shuilleabhain, Gabrielle Bejarano, Melissa Gonzalez. The concept behind 'on the wire' is about a struggle or a feeling of being trapped and wanting to get out but always letting someone or something hold you back.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2014
Category: Ballet
Keywords: on the wire, ballet, a.c.e awards, royale ballet
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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 45
213 points


#20 Inspirational
This dance - music, mood, choreography, costumes and dancing - left me enthralled. I watched it again and was inspired to think about its meaning. I watched it a third time and it lingers in my memory as an act of beauty. It deserves a top Award.
#19 Very Nice Work
I enjoyed watching this more than once.
#18 On the Wire
Hailey's choreography always moves me to tears it is so, so beautiful! Beautiful job by both Hailey and the wonderful dancers.
#17 On the Wire
#16 On The Wire
Fantastic Choreography!

#15 on the wire
so interesting and beautiful
#14 on the wire
Brilliant choreography, which perfectly expresses the emotion of the dance. Presented by beautiful and talented dancers.
#13 Awe-inspiring!
Magnificent choreography and dancing! The concept of the struggle is beautifully depicted though such well choreographed movements. Simply breathtaking! LOVE it.
#12 On the Wire
#11 Beautiful Dance
Well done.......excellent Choreography.

#10 Well Done
Beautifully done! Dancers did the choreography justice! Tells the story on a truly emotional level.
#9 Ace Award 2014
Great job!!!!
#8 So Amazing!
Had it all. #1 in my book.
#7 On the Wire
I can't stop watching this dance... Everything about it - choreography, music and dancers. Very powerful.
#6 On the wire

#5 Purely genius! VOTE FOR THIS!!
This is AMAZING! It takes a lot to choreograph on such an abstract topic, and I think you captured the struggle of being in a trapped relationship perfectly. Genius work! PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS PIECE EVERYONE!
#4 on the wire
👏👏👏👏 BRAVO!!!! EXCELLENCE. YOU HAVE A GIFT! Job well do. Great dance ☺
#3 On the Wire
Excellent Choreography, complex yet tender! Stunning Work!
#2 Great
A wonderful piece, how do I vote?
#1 on the wire video
Loved it! Very nice job
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