Our Masks

Our Masks is a sextet about accepting idiosyncratic tendencies as an individual brand of unconventional beauty. This piece plays with instincts of social survival in different settings - large groups, romance, friendships, relationships with oneself - and different personalities may be adopted to suit each situation. One may choose to mask or expose individuality for the sake of the status quo. For costumes, both the men and women wear corsets and a free-flowing bottom to symbolize the fight of being restricted versus the release of emotion. The soundscape is provided by the scores of Nils Frahm’s heavy piano, as well as Hilary Hahn and Hauschka’s non-traditional mix of violin and piano. The makeup design allows a black mask-like strip of shadow along the eyes to be malleable to the touch. As the piece evolves, the crisp eye shadow lines blur as fingers smudge and brush the pigment into new designs. The overall makeup effect metamorphosizes into truly unique designs for each performer as the dance progresses. Through performance and outreach, DAMAGEDANCE fosters a creative community dedicated to dance. DAMAGEDANCE believes great dance results from a confluence of committed physical and psychological intensity; when mind and body are equally invested, meaningful and resonant dance is created. DAMAGEDANCE strives to find this connection, making dances that are energetic, thoughtful, innovative, and heartfelt. DAMAGEDANCE also strives to broadcast our positive encouragement and zeal to others through performing arts and education. DAMAGEDANCE has presented work internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland with The Booking Dance Festival, and has been commissioned to perform at Spring to Dance Festival hosted by Dance St. Louis. DAMAGEDANCE holds annual New York City seasons, and is actively showcased in dance festivals. The company has performed at Judson Church, Bryant Park, Ailey Citigroup Theater, Dumbo Dance Festival, Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, Baruch Performing Arts Center, and PS 199, among others. DAMAGEDANCE looks forward to presenting work at the 2014 KoDaFe International Dance Festival and Switzerland’s 2014 Ticino in Danza Festival. Jessica Taylor founded DAMAGEDANCE in 2010, and has choreographed for Point Park University, SUNY Purchase, Squonk Opera, among others, and has held workshops at Brooklyn Urban Garden School, Peridance Capezio Center, and Dance Arts New York, among others. Taylor began her dance training at the Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis, Missouri and thereafter received her degree in dance from Point Park University Dance Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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