Senior dancer Yumi Nakatani and Director Mike Melton of the Metropolitan Ballet Company/Dance west perfomed this piece at the La Mirada Performing Arts Center in April 2008. Choreography by Jessica Jimenez also with the Metropolitan Ballet Company.

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#8 Fantastic
One of my friends told me about this video. You are awesome. I wish I could dance like you! Your control is prefect. WOW! You should put up more videos of yourself. The choreograhpy was great to.
#7 OMG!!!!!!
How are u, and where did you come from. Your unreal! The best I've seen so far on here. Your lines are beauitful, and that lift upside down was sick. If people don't vote for you their crazy! You've got my VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!
#6 Yummmiii!
Hope to see u performancce next time ! :))
#5 Amazing !
Its awsome....I like it ! KK !
#4 Amazing !
Its awsome....I like it ! KK !

#3 You're the best!
I love love love it :]
#2 INSANE!!!!!!
Yummmiii!!!!!!!!!! your so amazing its insane!!!!! :)
You guys ROCK! Your an amazing dancer Yumi.Beauitful to watch! love you both
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