Applause Tap

Tap solo to Applause by Lady Gaga.

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Event: Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Tap
Keywords: Applause tap girl hat dance awesome fun
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Overall rating: 4.4
Votes: 13
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#19 Great energy
Love the enthusiasm!
#18 it's about time
Finally, celebrate the spirit of every aspiring dancer.
#17 Tap
Like tap
#16 Love tap
Love tap
#15 Nice

#14 Can't stop watching!
Hope you'll be dancing down the aisles of a store near me soon! Thanks for sharing - keep dancing!
#13 Instant rapport
You build instant rapport with your audience - so much fun to watch! You have a bright future, wherever those tap shoes take you!
#12 Encore!
Can't wait to see more from this fantastic young dancer!
#11 Great story
It's clear you love to dance. Do what you love. Dance like no one, or everyone, is watching!
#10 Makes me want to dance!
Love how she makes me want to dance with her!

#9 Great Tap
She performed the tap to perfection.
#8 Tap
Glad to see tap making a comeback! Keep tapping!
#7 Tap
#6 Dance
#5 Cute
Love the energy

#4 Costume
Nice hat
#3 Tapper
Spunky tapper!
#2 Choreography
Choreographed by Jenne Vermes of Noise Complaint.
#1 Applause Tap
This is my daughter, Carlie Miles, 11, and she wanted me to enter her in the contest. She loves to dance and can usually be seen practicing different elements of dance everywhere we go. She routinely dances down the aisles of stores bringing smiles and giggles to impromptu audiences. She loves to dance because she feels free and can be anything when she dances. She says she may not be one of the greats yet, but she has passion and a love of dance and that is what it is about.
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