Dewdrop part 2

Me (age 15) rehearsing dewdrop for Nutcracker 2007. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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#9 Consvetlana, kindly evaluate your attitu
Consvetlana- I've noticed that on quite a few videos you have posted comments that completely cross the line. "Feedback" is not constituted as telling someone to abandon their passion and that they are terrible. Clean up your act or keep your offensive attitude to yourself.
#8 this is really not bad!
sure this has its flaws, but i really don't think that it is "terrible" or that you "need to quit ballet" anytime soon!! i have seen much worse and, all in all, i thought it was very very good! just watch your arms going through fifth position... but other than that you did a fantastic job=]
#7 Wonderful!
just keep doing your best and ignore bad commments!
#6 That is terrible
You need to quit ballet!!!
#5 awesome
that was really good! u probably had a great show!

#4 Wow!!!
U r and amazing dance. U dance with power but with and equal and perfect amount of control. Keep up the AWESOME work!!
#3 Thanks!
Thank you for your feedback on my video! If you liked this video, you should check out parts 1 and 3 too. Part 3 is the hardest technically and is also my favorite :).
#2 HI
wow really gooodd what studio do u dance at? At my studio we also the full nitcracker but we r a little studio... like family, with wonderful ballet teachers! good jobb u guyz r really good
#1 Wonderful!
Again, totally wonderful! You really are an excellent dancer!
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