Dewdrop part 3

Me (age 15) rehearsing Dewdrop for the Nutcracker. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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#16 Leaps!!!
Your leaps are sooo beautiful, you also seem really confident on pointe. Great job, that was wonderful.
#15 wow
that was beautifull ,your leaps were awesome,[mine are really bad]!!!!!
#14 great!
your extensions are great! I'm suprised by everyones technique. Keep up the great work!
#13 wow such potential
this is a beautiful piece , who knows how far you will go good luck!!
TTHANKS TO ANSWEERRR! REALY YOU AREE INCREDIBLE!,, I wish the best things for you guys!! lo mejor del mundo , son muy buenos y espero verlos en los mejores ballets del mundo ny acordarme que los vi en internet:) donde estudian ?? my e mail is : i will like to talk to aunt dance on the miamicontemporary dance..LUCIDIEZARGENTINA

#11 tech/fouettes
Gorgeous technique and execution. You could soften up just a tad. Really really pretty extensions and feet, too. I'd like to see you really working to get all the way completely back around to the front (or where ever you're spotting) in your fouettes before "whipping" the leg out again.
#10 good job!
that is very good! where do you train?
#9 thanks
To lucidiez: Gracias por tu respuesta entusiasta! Me alegre que te gusta el video. (Y perdona por mi castellano malo--solo lo he estudiado por tres anios :])
#8 Thanks for commenting
To DanceDM: What you said about "hitting" things is exactly what I am working on toning down right now, softening my lines and only using strength when it's necessary. Part of the problem with my head and connection to the audience is that this video was taken from the corner, so I wasn't dancing to the camera. I think it was a little better for the actual audience. It's great to get feedback from an actual teacher--thanks! To lucidiez: Gracias por tu respuesta entusiasta! Me alegre que te gusto
#7 argentina

#6 Critique
First off you are beautifully trained and I am amazed! As a dance teacher and choreographer I would like to see you have more of a connection with your audience. You seem so concerned about "hitting" everything perfectly that you seem to rush through movements without sustaining anything but those developes!! Watch this video and watch your head. It rushes from technical position to the next without giving the audience anything to look at! You're beautiful and the audience wants to see that!!!
#5 Magnificent!
This is my favorite one of the videos! Everyone in the group is excellent! I hope you also post videos of the performance because I would love to see it. Keep up the great work!
#4 Great!
Beautiful! I really enjoyed watching that performance! I have only to add to really enjoy the part and show it in each step!
#3 Currie
Currie, Thanks so much for your critique! I completely didn't notice that I turn in my second leg on my glissades. As for the pulling up, that is something that I have been corrected on for a while and am finally starting to get into my muscle memory. I'm working on it! Thanks again! :)
#2 wow!
great job. your extension is amazing and so are your leaps.

#1 technique
You have a nice technique but please do not pop your heels before you start your fouettes (there was a slight bobble). I would like to see you pull up your torso out of your hips and use your diaphragm more to give you a little more "ripped" look. Try to turn out your second leg in your glissades. Keep up the good work and best wishes to you and your group of dancers for a nice performance. Currie Pederson
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