Perfect Moment 2008

Hayden Hopkins 10 years old 2008 IDC Nationals 1st overall highscore Words by Mandy Shulke We love you Hayden Scarlett

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 34
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#20 oh wow again
i still cant believe ur ten...its like ur a miracle child who dances like no one else can i also like ur voice thingy.
#19 ...
really good!!!!
#18 great
i loved the dance but the song was weird lol loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#17 this is amazing
I loved this !!!! you are an amazing dancer. i loved the "music" i would of never thought to do somthing like that.I think you are an inspration to all young dancers and please keep dancing and posting cause i love watching you dance!!!!!!
#16 Oh My Goodness!!
You are insane! I can't believe you're only 10! That was such an original and precious piece. Thank you for posting it!

#15 that is precious...
i loved the creativness in this :)
#14 You're the reason
hayden! You are a gorgeous dancer. I just wanted to let you know that you are the reason why I officially got an account to comment on videos. I watched this and wanted to tell you how much i liked it! I have really really enjoyed watching your videos and absolutely LOVED the originality of the "music" for this piece. You are sure to go far, keep it up.
You're the type of dancer that inspires me to never, ever, give up dance. You're so talented. Ooooh, I loved it (:
#12 Hayden
You are a true inspiration! You not only have talent, but PASSION! Loved this dance! Keep up the good work!
#11 Awesome Job, Hayden!
This was beautiful! Congrats on winning!!1

#10 Great!
I lvoe to watch you dance!
#9 oh goodness.
alright.. let me tell you, youre amazing. keep on doing what you are doing and keep your passion alive. you have talent, obivously, and you really know how to show it. "song" selection was beautiful and choreography was amazing. you have a great idea. keep going. dont stop. your great.
#8 Thank You!
This was written by Mandy Shulke of Just Plain Dancin in CA. You can see more of her work on their website -amazing. Thank you for the choreography comment - it was by Heidi Gamlieli:)
#7 Awesome!
That was very creative how you made the song a speech about your passion for dance.The choreography was amazing of course.
#6 wow
amazing again wow the song dancing is amazing so talented hayden keep doing what you are doing

Really enjoyed this number!!! You are a beautifully expressive dancer! Thanks for sharing!
#4 wow!
You are so talented! This is an amazing routine. 10???? that's crazy - you have a very mature style. Great extensions and turns.
#3 where?
where do you train Hayden? I want to train there you are amazing and your dances are amazing!! PLEASE let me know.
#2 Lovely!
You are amazing! I love that you are soo passionate! Great Job! =] Ilove it.
#1 Perfect!
This was so good. You're amazing - keep dancing! Congrats on winning, well deserved!
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