Sparkling Diamonds (music stops)

Hayden Hopkins 10 years old 2008 IDC Nationals Her music stopped near the start of her routine.... We are so proud of the performance that followed. So sweet. Love you Hayden Scarlett

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 33
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#20 WOW!!!
10 years old???!!! That's AMAZING! You are an AWESOME dancer
#19 WOW
omigod ur TEN?!! no way!! its a real shame the music stopped but you just kept going like nothing happened and you still lip-synched!! that was just OUTSTANDING!!
#18 nice
great dance great preformer even though the music stopped but still i loved it!@
#17 So professional!
It was incredible how you kept going and nothing showed on your face at all! Good job!
#16 WOW!
Even besides the amazing fact that you didn't falter when the music stopped you're an amazing dancer! Great Energy!

#15 AMAZING!!!!!!
your amazing if you can do that you can handle anything that comes your way so keep it up its great
#14 :)
that showed true performance right there :)
#13 talking aboat talent
you are the most talented 10 year old i have ever seen....the harmony in your body is incredible. just a little tip DONT stop dancing !!! you go girl.
#12 potential and confidence...
even when the music stopped you still kept going with no hesitations. Your face didn't change at all.you gave your all the whole time. That shows amazing potential and confidence. thats what i call a true dancer! stay amazing!
#11 diamonds
amazing! love the choreography & the music (including the tune in your head when none was playing:)

#10 woohoo
you go girl ;]
#9 WHOA!
You did so great under that pressure! I probably would've blanked out if the music stopped like that with me.......well actually it did one time but the judges had said that it was a sound check after it stopped so i had to stop lol
#8 Goosebumps
It is so important to just keep going if something like that happens. You just kept going like the music was still on!! Loved it, fantastic...5*****
#7 talented
lol i am laughing cause my friends danced to the same song and their music stopped
#6 Shut up!!
The show must go on!!! Great job! You show such amazing maturity in carrying on with such pizzaz. Way to go Hayden!

This was so good. You should be very proud of yourself. Most people would have been so flustered. I love the costume - I wish I could have seen the dance with music!!
#4 Lovely!
This is amazing! It's sad that her music cut because I would of like to see how it went with music but this is the greatest dances ever! Great Job. You are an awesome dancer. You are awesome Hayden! =]
#3 WOW
Such composure to keep going without even missing a beat after the music stops, not sure if I could do that as an adult. Great job and routine.
#2 fantastic!!!!
This is exactly how a dancer should handle it!!!!! Love the energy and the fact that you kept singing! Cute costume:)
#1 You're awesome!
Wow! Not only was that performance great, you actually kept going after the music stopped! If that was me I would have gotten way too scared to keep going! Wow! Your awesome! WOW!!
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