Slow Me Down

Hayden Hopkins & Kelsey Grosse 2008 IDC Nationals 1st Overall Highscore duo Choreography by Heidi Gamlieli Hayden & Kels DPIC!

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Overall rating: 4.4
Votes: 33
146 points


#14 Gorgeous
There's only one way to describe this: Gorgeous! Everything is just gorgeous!
#13 OMG
if anyone on your age can dance better then you guys i would like to see him. both of you are almost always in perfect harmony and keep up the AMAZING work !
#12 wwowwoowowowowowowwowoowowowwwwwwwwwwwww
this dance is so cool! it's better than any competition that i've ever been to and i've been to a national competition!
#11 Amazing
In the beginning Hayden is in the front and Kelsey is in the back. This dance is AMAZING. GREAT TECHNIQUE.
you girls are great!!!! just wondering. which one is hayden and which is kelsey?

#9 great
i loved the song i could relate to it so much. the choreography was spot on.
#8 Great!
That was really good! technique 7/5 it's amazing. emotion 3.5/5 sorry but you need to show a little more. overall it was amazing you guys seem really dedicated to dance!
#7 very good
love this you two dance great together i have watched this video like idk maybe ............10 times
This was a beautiful dance. Great use of those flexable leggs. Awesome job.
#5 You are LOVELY!
You guys are lovely dancers! This is totally amazing. I hope i can see you guys at a competition soon!

#4 WoW
i have watched this dance like 5 times its so good
#3 OhMiGawd!!
duuude!!!! that was like totally amazing!!! keep it up and you'll be really famous someday!! ^^
#2 AH-mazing
Beautiful dance!you girls are so long and skinny!!your dance is ah-mazing!!
#1 OMG!
You guys are sooo good! Keep up the good work. I love this dance! =] two thumbs way up! Great Job.
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