Hunt or Be Hunted

Style: Contemporary Choreography: Cardo Wanzer Dancers: Emma Presing, Hannah Kamperin, Starr Deemer-White, Cayla D'Ana-Evans, and Brittany Miller Music: Hunter by Bjork Concept: The piece is about the struggle in life as a dancer in industrial world. How everything starts from your first day in ballet class to that very first major audition! How badly do you want the opportunity and how hungry are you for it?! Will u do what it takes to be the best?! Will u be fighting for your spot or be walked all over by those dancers around you who want the same opportunities. Will you be the hunter and knock everyone out of your way or will be taken out as the hunted?

Views: 4,935
Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2015
Category: General
Keywords: Cardo Bjork Hunted
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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 81
394 points


#26 Excellent
Excellent Work Cardo We're All Proud Of You!!!!
#25 Crazy good!
Goosebumps! Literally Goosebumps as I watched this!!!
#24 NICE!
So proud to see this different style of Contemporary great job Cardo!
#23 Awesome!
Great use of music and dynamics! Awesome choreography.
#22 Obsessed
Love it Absolutely love it! Watched this piece about six times and still hasnt gotten old! Great Job Cardo!

Cardo! I love this and all of your choreography! Its so cool to see a different style of Contemporary!
#20 Like What?!
I absolutely loved and the storyline is so interesting and I love the music! Great Job Cardo!
#19 Crazy!
Ugh this is so cool! I love how the style makes the girls looks so strong!
#18 HOT!!!
I love love love this performance! Amazing job!
#17 Unique!
This piece is so interesting and unique taking a real situation for dancers and making it adventurous and daring! I LOVE IT!

#16 OMG
SLAYYYYYY!!!!!! I loved this!
#15 Beautiful!
Well done, Cardo! This is an amazing piece!
#14 Great!
Beautiful movement and formations
#13 Wow, Love ;)
This choreo is so rad!
#12 Great!
Amazing Cardo!

#11 Awesome choreo!
This is SO cool!!!!
#10 Awesome!
I love it! Congratulations!!!
#9 Amazing!!
Wow, great job!! Young guy changing the industry one move at a time!!! Great choreography!!
#8 Splendid
The dance captured the true movements of live in the presence of interruptions! A truly splendid performanc.
#7 Riveting performance!
Absolutely loved it! Powerful piece choreographed by Ricardo Wanzer. Lots of depth, movement and artistic expression.

#6 nice!
#5 Blown Away!
Great choreo! And very complex concept that is very interesting to watch! Hope this wins because it was phenomenal!!!
#4 Creative!
The choreography is so interesting and I love it! These girls are really strong together! Great job Cardo!
#3 Love!
Love the concept and innovative choreo! Well done!
#2 Love it!
Great work Ricardo!

#1 Awesome!!!
Love the innovative choreography. The story is told with such creativity.
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