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Tosalp'uri is performed at the end of the Kyonggi Todangkut. Kut refers to the ancient Korean ceremonial form which incorporates dance, music, and drama with shamanic ritual. It is still practiced today. Kyonggi Todankut is a Kut of Kyungki province. The Lyonggi Todangkut is composed of Jinsui, Chesok, Tuhbuhlim, Kkaegum, Pujongnori, Olrimchae, and Tosalp'uri. Tosalp'uri obviously counts on the people to be blessed and is traditionally performed by a Mudang, a shaman, to complete the whole ritual performance. It takes place in the village square or shrine. "Tosal" means "to remove something evil," and "Sal" are those spirits harmful to people believed to be in everything in the universe. "P'uri" means "to release," "to drive the evil away." The dancer holds a white scarf, symbolizing the soul of the dead. In Tosalp'uri the scarf is twice as long as the dancer's height (not half as long as in Salp'urich'um, which is performed later in the program.) Kin arirang t'aryong (1920). For more, see the November 2008 Global Issue of Dance Magazine.

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