Wake is a choreographic body of work by Jessica G. Thomas which premiered in New York City. This body of work utilizes 4-6 people however in video there are 4 performers. If chosen to present, I will have a body of work that will utilize 5+ artists. During Wake, Thomas utilized unique movement vocabulary to explore and define the humanistic response to the realms of near death experiences. Wake has been the impetus for several of her most recent works L.O.S.S (http://youtu.be/qhVDTswuLB0), Neighbor (http://youtu.be/05dLiD0qSvM), Re-Regulate (https://vimeo.com/115655708) and True (http://youtu.be/q8Xviawhs7u also premiering in NYC 5.26.2015). Visit www.jtdance.net

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2015
Category: Performance
Keywords: Dance Contemporary Ballet Modern
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