An exciting dance video, filmed in a variety of locations!

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#20 hey...
aren't you the chica who did "energy"? well, you are awesome (u also look like one of the models from the dance costume mags) this editing is cool too...great job!
#19 !!!
great effects and editing! also you are very talented though you might want to be a bit more creative with choreography... really branch out to something new... ~Kassandre Renee
#18 Cool....
Not sure why others feel not original... Awesome dancing! Great musicality. Editing is cool... Would love to see more.
#17 It is Ok
I have to argree with Dn1Only because it needs to be more original.
#16 OK.
sorry to disagree with everyone . . . it wasn't anything that I hadn't seen before technically. Fun, personality - filled video - YES. And the video editing was great, but there is so much more to dance . . . search for something more, something different.

OMG! I forgot to mention that Alyssa spotted you in SYTYCD! We were so excited to see you on the show! We were very sad that you were cut so early on! You need to go back and try again! Alyssa was so upset and cried about it for 2 days! She is still bitter about them cutting you! Keep on dancing Sara! You are amazing!
#14 Hi Sara!
Sara!... We love this video! You are great! Wow! We met you at CoDance in Orlando. My daughter was the one that totally fell in love with your dancing. She still talks about you! Your dancing gave us chills during convention! Your passion for dance showed with every move you made! You inspired Alyssa to be a better dancer... Thank you! She came back after watching you in CoDance with a whole other vision and passion for dance. She is hoping that one day she will be like you.
#13 That was kewl
i liked that ive never seen a video commercial thingy like this on here before i would be very proud of myself if i was you because you are fantabulous
#12 Great!
wow that was great!! i love it! :)
#11 I may be addicted :D
I love this video I have watched it so many times. Do you have it on youtube also?

#10 NICE
Cool video! Nice Moves! Havein Fun! AWESOME!!!!
#9 wow
I can move like this my dreams! wonderful
#8 love it
I enjoyed watching this video for the dancing, music and great video editing! Super fun, thanks for sharing!!
#7 Cool!
I danced to this song for my solo one year. Ha ha. But you're a great dancer! Your calypso was great! Did you edit this video?
#6 wow!
wow you are really goood i wish i was as ggooodd as you. keep up t he amazing work.i think that your leeps and spins are really expecialy goes alangg with the music<3

#5 Great job!!
This is one of the most awesome videos I have ever seen! Awesome expression of personality and great editing!
#4 nice
great use of the music and the video editing went very well with that music and realy showed you talents. well done!
#3 cute
hah, i like it
#2 kiss kiss
i really liked the facial qualities of the kiss at the end of this music video. it almost made me feel as though you were having a wonderful time with the audience and you really wanted us there watching you dance.Phenomenal!
#1 Your Great!
Wow girl what a awesome video!!!
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