First, Second & Third Arabesques with Lisa Lockwood

Lisa Lockwood, who teaches Intermediate Ballet at STEPS on Broadway in NYC, walks you through American Ballet Theatre’s first three arabesques.

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#5 My name i s Lisa lockwood I don't know s
4th arabesque: the legs are in the same position as in the 3rd arabesgue,but the arm opposite the extended leg is brought forward. The body is turned by the strong arching of the back. The other arm shows behind the back. This arabesque is half turned away from the audience, the head is turned toward the audience, emphasising its direction by the glance. The shoulders must be on the same level. The body must not lean forward. This is the most difficult of arabesques, and requires careful study of its form.
#4 My name i s Lisa lockwood I don't know s
3rd arabesque: this arabesque faces the audience. The leg in croise back at an angle of 90. The body is bent forward, the back tensed. The arm corresponding to the extended leg is extended, the other one is taken out to the side. The face is turned toward this hand as if watching its movement.
#3 My name i s Lisa lockwood I don't know s
2nd arabesque: body and legs are the same as in 1st arabesgue, but now the arm corresponding to the leg is extended forward. The other arm is brought back far enough to be seen behind the body. The head is turned to the audience.
#2 Hi my name is Lisa Lockwood I don't kno
I am russian ballerina. Let me tell you about arabesques. 1 st arabesques is the body rests on one leg (right) The other (left),extended and straight, is lifted from the ground to an angle of no less than 90. The feet are in the position efface. The arm opposite to the lifted leg is extended forward, the other one is taken out to side. The hands are held palms down, as if leaning on the air. The body is inclined forward. The head is in profile to the audience, as is the entire figure. The shoulders are level, as in all arabesques. The deciding factor in arabesque is the back. Only by holding it well can one produce a beautiful line.
#1 ?
so the vagonava fourth is the second?
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