con·tem·pla·tion : the deep deliberative state or action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time. Choreographed by Ashley Schofield, con.tem.pla.tion is a piece that mirrors the thought process of a decision to be made and the self-doubt and inner chaos that surrounds it. It begins with the heavy weight of a deliberation as all of the thoughts and influencing factors circle in one’s head, moves into the moment when the choice and path become clear, continues through the inner chaos as one tries to justify their path but second guesses their decision, and closes at the arrival of their next step forward.

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 30
141 points


#10 Amazing
Why did I watch this on my phone screen? Lovely dancing!
Loved every minute of it!
#8 Contemplation
Amazing interpretation & execution!
#7 Wow!
This dance is so beautiful to watch. Loved it!
#6 Overwhelming
This is overwhelming to watch. So beautiful it takes my breath away. Wow!

Love this dance.. So full of passion. Well Done!!
#4 contemplation
Beautiful. I could feel the emotions .
#3 This is worth my vote
This is an amazing Dance Omg can't get any better than this
#2 Breathtaking
I love this so much. There are times when I watch this that I have to rememeber to breathe.
#1 Goosebumps...
This is a beautiful dance. Everytime I see it, it gives me goosebumps.
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