Back Against The Wall

"What our lives become is ultimately a culmination of our choices. There are many kinds we face - the physical, mental, emotional…the easy, the difficult, the uncertain. But perhaps the most challenging choice in life, is the one that is the only option. A choice that we are forced to make, with our back’s against the wall, the only route being forward. This “choice” is the most telling of our character - do we take the punches, fight back, or dodge left or right? Or is it possible to choose to break down that wall and create our own new pathway?" --- Choreography by Jared Baker --- Music by Philip Glass (Performed by Kronos Quartet) --- Performed by Devin Buchanan (Giordano Dance Chicago), Carlee Clover, Tenley Dorrill (Thodos Dance Chicago), Drew Gliwa, Adam Houston (Giordano Dance Chicago), Jacey Raney, Diana Winfree (Thodos Dance Chicago)

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2015
Category: General
Keywords: jared baker
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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 27
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#17 Wonderful
Wow, what an amazing piece! I was riveted to the performance and watched it several times.
#16 Jared Baker
Excellent piece. Told a story that is both exciting and peaceful. I love the dancers expressions and the way they danced together. Artistry is compelling. Congrats to Jared!
#15 Back Against the Wall by Jared Baker
Personal yet universal. Visceral, emotional and intricate. What a stunning choreographic voice.
#14 wonderful
Outstanding work, visceral yet strangely calming. Effective use of solo work within a group and fabulous synchronicity. Strong musicality created the tangible tone of the piece!
#13 back against the wall
wow, wow, wow

#12 Beautifully Brilliant
Jared has a unique and beautiful way of connecting deep meaning and thoughts to choreography. Anything he choreographs, simple or hard has a way of looking amazing. This is one of many of his great pieces.
#11 WOW
Very nicely done!
#10 Beautiful Journey
Insightful and highly creative!
#9 Amazing!
Beautiful music, gorgeous movement, masterfully executed! Jared Baker, you are brilliant!
#8 WOW!!!
I couldn't take my eyes off the dancers. The choreography and music were mesmerizing!!! This is an amazing piece....beautifully choreographed and definitely tells a story. Impressed as always with Jared Baker!

#7 Brilliant
Every move is brilliant. love it!
#6 Beautiful!!!
You are so incredibly talented!!! I love watching your choreography!
#5 Beautiful!
Nicely done, Jared! It's a beautiful dance.
#4 artistic
Beautiful choreography! You paint the picture and tell the story like a true artist. I love everything about it.
#3 WOW
Love everything about this! Love the choreo that makes it look like they're climbing/sliding up and down walls!! very visually pleasing!! Love you Jared!

#2 Beautifully composed!
AMAZING!!! I love the shadows that the dancers make on the wall, whether that was intentional or not. The juxtaposition of the 3 couples against the 1 soloist was also very interesting. The use of unison was well thought out and wasn't predictable. Finally, the musicality of the movement was captivating!! Love it <3
#1 awesome video
Awesome! I love the emotional expression!
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