Wild Is The Wind

Choreographed by Robin Bleasdale & Kate Hanson (R2K)

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2015
Category: General
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Overall rating: 4.4
Votes: 36
160 points


#16 Wild is the WInd
Visually stunning ! I could NOT stop watching this video OVER and OVER ! WOW
#15 Wild is the Wind
I love this dance! Truly AMAZING choreography!
#14 WIld is the Wind
AMAZING CHOREOGRAPHY ! This dance and the dancers are truly INCREDIBLE!!!!!
#13 Wild is the Wind
This had me hooked to that final surprising moment! Absolutely loved it.
#12 Wild is the Wind
Video doesn't do it justice...such a stunning piece to see on stage. So unique.

#11 Wild is the Wind
Georgeous piece
#10 dance
beautiful dancers. but i have seen a dance with the fabric, and very similar to this posted on this site, on youtube last year and it competed last year.
#9 Wild is the Wind
Breathtaking!! Absolutely beautiful choreography and wonderfully talented dancers!
#8 Beautifully choreographed
Beautifully choreographed and performed by talented well trained young dancers.
#7 Wild is The Wind
An epic piece conceived by 2 very creative choreographers, executed by a group of very talented dancers....leaves you literally breathless!!

#6 wild is the wind
Nice competition piece. Visually stunning. Too bad these choreographers submitted a piece that does not adhere to the submission rules and requirements. Piece exceeds time limit and clearly all dancers are not 16+. As an aside, the audience hooting and hollering during this performance takes away from it's beauty.
#5 Wild is the Wind
Amazing choreography executed by super talented dancers. This will give you goosebumps.
#4 Wild Is The Wind
It is stunning to watch. So much talent in these dancers and choreographers!
#3 Wild is the Wind
#2 Wild is the Wind (R2K)
Takes your breath away!

#1 Wild is the Wind
Visually stunning!
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