Almost Lover

Lyrical Solo - Starpower Nationals Las Vegas 2008

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Overall rating: 2.2
Votes: 13
29 points


#11 Pretty
you have very beautiful extensions, song and the dance would work, you just needed to control and make ur movements more fluid
#10 could have been
you are a very strong dancer with alot of technique going for you, but you danced like you didn't understand the song. There wasn't really a connection.
#9 Where's the Emotion?
I felt like the whole time you were putting on a character face, nothing or a smile. This is not a happy song were you can just smile and make faces. Also there was just nothing there for me. sorry:<
#8 um ugh hmmm errr NO
goodbye my almost good dancer...
#7 Um...
Did u have on the bloomers that come with the costume? bc it looks like u just have on underwear

#6 ummm...
so you have good technique, but you just go so fast that everything turns into mush. like if you listen to the song its not very fast moving or choppy (but thats how you danced it) and your running needs alot of work to. when you run it doesnt look very purposeful so it looks SLOPPY!!!! all in all there was way too much giong on
#5 good..
too much is going on - It would be nice if you had a few fast parts- but more slow emotional connection would work
#4 pink?
the pink underwear things are distracting and sort of ruin the dancing
#3 underthings
Your pink panties are distracting, it looks like you forgot to put an actual bottom on over your undies.
#2 uh
ur a good dancer but this song needs more emotion and needs to be more fluid. no musicallaity

#1 umm.
your a REALLY good dancer,but it just doesn't go with the song.I really like your style though(:
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