Belief Couch Dance

What I Do During A Blizzard.....

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#12 ...
interesting... ~Kassandre Renee www.TinyDancer211.webs.com
#11 errr
well that was pretty ocward it gets a weird feeling in my head i will never watch this agian!
#10 ughhhhhhh.
that was quite disturbing. i strongly suggest tights!!!! you need more clothes on! and the couch does not wanna have sex with you!!! get off the couch and actually dance.
#9 AHHH;;
what is wrong wit you ?! what are you doing and is there a reason why your doing thiss ! my firend here sayd that you need to get some clothes on and get a LIFE !
#8 well,
I think that you have great potential. Your legs are very sharp and you are very flexible. But, i would recommend dancing on a floor instead of a couch.

#7 ?!?!?!?!?!
wats upi with the random kicking thing...it didnt go along at all....and why a COUCH dance???
#6 ...woah
u need clothes!!! seducing the judges to win wont work and neither will having sex with them on the couch!!! yea thats what it look like you wanted to do..it was ncomfortable to watch!!
#5 uhm
i really dont think this is the right competition for you. its artistic and what not.... but i dunno just not really feeling it. very creative though. nice song.... but uhm id suggest tights
#4 errr
your hair kept gettin in your face. either choregraph it so you can get it out, or tie it back. and there was really any 'dancing.' i understand working on a couch is more difficult than on a floor, but it was repetitive and awkward. and please work on your musicality.
#3 ?
what are you doing? please put some clothes on.

#2 uuhh.....
i felt very uncomfortable watching this........
#1 uhm.
well one. i think you should wear tights or something. two. your pretty flexible. three. its a lot of the same thing over and over again. cute though.
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