Dead In The Water

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2015
Category: Dance Team
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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 52
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#29 Dead in the water
#28 Dead in the water
Absolutely stunning. Beautiful choreography!!!!
#27 Dead In The Water
Beautifully choreographed and executed!
#26 Dead in the Water
I was mesmerized by the music and flow of the dancers...ended too soon!
#25 Dead in the Water
Beautiful dance and dancers!! Best dance!

#24 Dead in the Water
This piece is so unique! It is gorgeously choreographed and beautifully executed!
#23 Truly Original
Beautiful choreography. Beautiful execution. Period.
#22 Dead in the water
it is beautiful.... Beautiful choreography!!!! Love this dance!!!
#21 Dead in the Water
#20 Dead in the Water
Utterly breathtaking and beautiful.

#19 Beautiful Dance
Beautifully done. I enjoyed this piece. Well done girls. Hard work shows. Love the music.
#18 Dead in the Water
Stunning choreography! Beautiful dancers! Ethereal!
#17 Dead in the water
Fabulous choreography!!
#16 Dead in the Water
Stunning ladies!
#15 Dead In The Water

#14 *Dead in the Water*
Amazing choreography!The dancers executed the dance brilliantly.....breathtaking....
#13 #1 Dead in the Water
Absolutely beautiful. They dance with grace and agility while painting a picture!
#12 MermaidsRock
No words. Just simply beautiful!
#11 Dead in the Water
Actually brought tears to my eyes... beautiful
#10 Dead In The Water
Breathtaking to watch! Original and flawlessly executed!

#9 Dead in the Water
Amazing choreography and beautiful dancers!
#8 Beautiful
Just stunning!
#7 Such a beautiful piece!
This is so memorable and beautiful to watch.
#6 Dead in the Water-Kathy Blake Dance Stud
#5 Dead in the Water

#4 Dead in the water
truly amazing
#3 Dead In The Water
Truly stunning!
#2 Dead In The Water
#1 Dead in The Water >Kathy Blake Studio
Choreographed By Phyllis Drennan Dancers : Jenna Connors,Megan Cooper, Chelsea McNamara,Abby King Claire Jarman,Amber Brewster,Tessa Wright Prop:Diana Schofield
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