The Fear

Koin & Co Dancers, directed by Ali Koinoglou, is a young flourishing company filled with passionate talent. The company aims to fuse multiple styles of movement and maintain a strong foundation of ballet and contemporary technique. With an intricate, technical, and athletic hue to Koinoglou's vision, the dancers of Koin & Co capitalize on their strengths as technicians as well as communicate with each other through their individual artistry. Choreography: Ali Koinoglou Company: Emily Brown, Emily Chastain, Lauren Chastain, Taylor Green, and Alex Vari

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2015
Category: Performance
Keywords: ali koinoglou koin & co dancers bdc broadway dance center the fear ben howard
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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 127
626 points


#24 Koin & Co
This piece speaks to me in so many different ways! The Koin & Co dancers have inspired me to become a better dancer and choreographer.. Love this piece!!
#23 Ms Ali
Go ms allie!!!
#22 Obsessed
can't stop watching😍
Movement, timing, sequencing just terrific. Very moving. Very well choreographed. Nice to see new works out. Will be watching to see more from Ali. Great work.
#20 The Fear
What a strong performance. I loved the choreography. Where can I see more of Ali's work?

#19 The fear
I love this! Everything I have seen from this young choreographer is brilliant. She is very talented and I do believe we will be seeing much more from this gifted choreographer.
#18 Amazed
From top to bottom, clean and classy. One for the ages. Thumbs up Ms Ali
#17 Koin & Co
Brilliant choreography! I was captivated as soon as the dance started. Ali Koinoglou is very talented and it shows. Very talented group!!
#16 Clean
Obsessed with how clean it was.
#15 The Fear
WHAT. I loved this. Ali you keep surprising me with every piece, this is TOTALLY different for you. I just love how you're evolving, keep growing my love!!!

#13 genius!
Brilliant and different!
#12 legs!
Get it Ali!!! You rocked it .... even with the lights out!!!!! LOVE IT
#11 Interesting choreo
I like the choreo, but don't understand what the story is . . I enjoy the rapid fire pace and the details but really want to be able to connect to it more
#10 Ali Koinoglou
Ali Koinoglou did a miraculous job on the intricate choreography on this piece. Needs to get into ACE...Can't wait to see more from her and this company.

You better work with that acro-temporary, yas honey
#8 koin & co
Totally loved it!!!!!! Very fast and entertaining, my interest was kept throughout the whole piece which is rare. VOTE 5 FOR THIS PIECE!!!!
#7 Koin & Co.
Its very rare to see a piece of work that marries technique and musicality so beautifully together! Koin and Co. is definitely on that next level of artistry and it is very beautiful to watch
#6 koin & co
BREATHE ! wooooow, We need to support talent like that, beautiful human and amazing choreographer_ Such a honor I had the chance to perform for her, miss you Ali
#5 The Fear - Koin & Co
The use of breath is fantastic in this piece, great flow of the movement with their breathing throughout the whole thing. About to watch it again. An overall strong piece.

#4 Woah
How awesome! A lovely, captivating, performance and I love how athletic this is. #technique This one has my vote.
#3 Stunning!
Both the choreographer and dancers are so talented! What an amazing piece Ali Koinoglou has put together.... Vote for this amazing piece!!
#2 koin & co
This performance is wonderful. Very moving!!! Choreographer really connected movement with music from beginning to end. A+++
#1 Koin & Co
That mission statement really exemplifies what this young, emerging company is trying to do. Super cool movement with brilliantly strong dancers. Bravo on the choreography and song choice -- vote for this piece!
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