"Exuberant Oafs" - Kimmie Dobbs Chan/DEVIATED THEATRE

Steampunk meets the digital age when DEVIATED THEATRE performs this excerpt from "creature", an original dance opera by Choreographer Kimmie Dobbs Chan and Director Enoch Chan. Whimsical industrial scientists highlight humanity's exuberant nature and illuminate our struggle to cope with a rapidly changing world. The full production draws audiences through prophetic visions of an impending apocalypse, exposing our tension as both 'creature' and 'creator' on planet earth, as well as inviting a re-imagining of our technological and ecological future. CREDITS: // DEVIATED THEATRE Co-Artistic Directors: Kimmie Dobbs Chan & Enoch Chan // Choreographer: Kimmie Dobbs Chan // Costumes: Andy Christ // Music: Haunted Days & Witch's Teat // Performers: Ryan Tumulty, Katie Johnson, Lauren Marsden, Catherine David, Dana Yasek, Abby Magalee, Christy Bartholomew, Katie Schiaffino // SPECIAL THANKS to the awesome performers for shining through all the head gear AND making steam noises with breath through the whole piece. Endless admiration...<3 <3 <3, Kimmie

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Overall rating: 4.5
Votes: 8
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#2 Brilliant 'Creators'
I had the pleasure of seeing pieces by Deviated Theatre in both Brooklyn NY, and DC over the past few years. As an audience member I always enter a new world that entrances me throughout each piece. Kimmie and Enoch's beautiful storytelling through movement keeps me coming back for more!
#1 They did it....
I took my 9 year old son to the big city (DC) to see his first dance performance. He sat on the edge of his seat with his eyes as big as silver dollars for an entire hour. Thank you Kimmie and Enoch !
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