Infection is based off the voice that I believe most artist have. The voices telling us “you’re not good enough”, “you can’t do it”, “you are worthless”. As artists we go by everyday doing what we love and doing the best that we can, we give our life to perfecting our craft. We are all growing, learning, and triumphing together as artists. At the end of it all we are only holding ourselves back. When we let go of the voice telling us “you can’t do it” and start believing "you can" the possibilities are endless. As a choreographer I like to take the lines and vocabulary of classical ballet and twist them into abstract images. My passion is to tell a story through movement. Choreographed by Patrick Pulkrabek. Dancers from Allegro Performing Arts Academy: Effie Tutko, Gabby Olson, Sophie Mittelstaedt, Jenna Batchelder, Megan Guthrie.

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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 32
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#13 Inflection
So haunting! I love how the story plays out through the choreography, videography, and the emotionality of the dancers.
#12 ˈbyo͞odəfəl/
This is a great video! I really enjoy the seamless movement. Awesome choreography, too!
#11 Realistic
I am incredibly moved and inspired by this depiction of vulnerable emotion. Thank you for sharing your heart through this canvas!
#10 Inflection
I love to watch this piece! I am amazed that the entire audience seemed to hold it's breath every time I saw it performed! Congratulations, Patrick! You are so gifted!
#9 Inflection
Haunting & moving. Have loved every opportunity to see this piece.

#8 Soul moving
This dance captures the struggle against our inner voices for all walks of life. Thank you for sharing your talent and love of dance with all of us!
#7 Captivating
What a beautifully choreographed masterpiece! Congratulations Patrick on another fantastic number.
#6 Inflection
This is one of our favorites this season! Patrick you are a fantastic teacher and choreographer and your dancers are amazing!
#5 Love!
One of my favorites!
#4 inflection
Awesome job. Beautiful choreography.

#3 Breathtaking
Stunning! The beauty of the choreography and dancers makes me hold my breath!
#2 Stunning
You're a ballet genius, Patrick! This is lovely.
#1 Captivating
Beautiful and powerful! Girls danced beautifully! WOW!
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