Choreographer: Kim Barker Dancers: Cassandra Alvarez, Christina Baxter, Danielle Bazzocchi, Nicole Caravello, Sabrina Cellucci, Sarah Elisio, Alexandra Fiorini, Alyssa Jolly, Sara Langdon, Emma Marin, Bianca Mauti, Victoria Profitt, Jordynne Smith & Julia Sterling

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2015
Category: General
Keywords: KIM BARKER
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 51
247 points


#16 Brilliant Concept
I love this piece!!
#15 Speechless
This is truly a work of art. You can tell that this dance took countless hours and a brilliant imagination to create. Amazing work done by the dancers and the choreographer!! I hope I see this in the finals.
#14 I love it!
Love this dance!!!
#13 Good luck!!
Beautiful choreo this deserves to make it. Good luck to this amazing number!!
#12 amazing!
Saw this dance live and i loved it! Good luck to everyone :)

#11 genius
Nothing less than Genius as usual
#10 Wow.
This routine is beautiful I love it!! AMAZING
#9 the wheel
Brilliant! the movement, execution, choreography, a true masterpiece
#8 WOW
Fabulous choreography! I am mesmerized!
#7 LOVE!!
Amazing and brilliant concept!!! Dancers perform the genius choreography of this routine so well. Spectacular.. I can watch this over and over!

#6 Wow!!
Wow this is incredible! Fabulous choreography and performance from the dancers, good luck!
#5 Stunning!
Absolutely love the concept of this dance and the music. The first time I saw this dance, it gave me the is an amazing piece. Great talent from the dancers.
#4 Stunning!
This is brilliant!
#3 Beautiful
The movement of this piece is absolutely stunning! I could not take my eyes off the screen! These girls are amazing and the choreography is a work of art!!!!!! 5++ rating from me :)
#2 Loved It!
Amazing choreography and dancing

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