Silent Night Samara Tong

Samara Tong Acro Solo, Age 15 "Silent Night" enjoy :)

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#12 this isn't dance!?!?!
this is great if u want 2 b an acrobat!!!!!!!
I loved all the tricks. I can tell you are very flexiable. But you should dance a little more and the moves did not go with the song.
#10 uhhhhhh
nice tricks, but i don't think the choreographer grasps the concept of the music. there was no connection between movement, music, and dancer. where's the intent?
#9 ah-mazingg !
where to beginnn ?! very nice; pretty and your very flexiblee too . i couldn't find one mistake, i had to watch it more than oncee ! i've shown all my firends this and they were ah-mazedd ! again, nicely done !=)
#8 Awesome
I personally LOVED this. I am assuming that you entered it as acro, in which case the tricks are supposed to be there. You made EVERYTHING look so easy and light! I am stunned. Beautiful job! I agree that you should match your facial expression to the music more, make it more emotional ya know. Otherwise fabulous job! Smiles

#7 nicely done
I thought it was awesome. A lot of broken/distorted looking movements matched the song nicely! I definitely think it was too smiley... try to match the mood of the song and express yourself through your medium. overall, very nice!
#6 okay
it was a great piece but there were waaay too many tricks going on. when you did dance it was good, but i would have liked to see less acrobatics!! :)
#5 Good!
You are an amazing acrobat, but I wanna see you dance without all those trick. You should be a gymnast because you have the flow and some gymnasts look funny on there little dance parts, but you would be really good at it!
#4 earthangel
acro, jazz, lyrical, hiphop, ballet, contemporary :)
#3 Beautiful!!
its so unique that there as no music I loved it. I loved how you moved and flowed into each movement, what dance styles are you trained in. keep on dancing amazing work!

#2 WOW!!!
Wow, that was so beautiful! You have AMAZING extension, and you move like a swan, making it look so easy! Great Job - NEVER STOP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!
#1 awesome
thats was so pretty. beautifully choregogrpahed. and you did great!
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