A Year From Now Ago

At a certain point as my mother lay in the hospital slowly dying I realized in watching the orderly and systematic routine of the nurses and doctors coming and going from the room, as well observed the traveling of her focus to who she would say were "their" visitations (the spirits) I understood that it wasn't just that she was dying but more so that as I'd sat there in the hospital what she was enabling me to do and giving life to was this piece. Her constant urging of me to look ahead, firmly plant feet now and reflect back on all that she was to me then is what made A Year From Now Ago. This work is about what often is said to be that last moment and flash of your life before your eyes in the end. Each section takes you through a fantasy of herself, which becomes the reality and her nightmare and leads to her inevitable departure.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2015
Category: Ballet
Keywords: Joffrey Ballet - Winning Works
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Overall rating: 5.0
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#26 A Year From Now Ago
Fantastic choreography and costume/set design!
#25 A moving piece.
This tells a heartbreaking story and brings out so much emotion in a short amount of time.... The dancers execute each move and emotion perfectly. "A Year From Now Ago" is an emotional roller coaster ride that is so worth it.
#24 Brilliant
Beautifully told story, choreographed and performed with grace and precision. Great work.
#23 Impressive
#22 From The Start
I love that people are loving this work and that the voting did not close as Abdul thought. He almost canceled himself out. But working of the development and setting of this piece was transformative because I watched a friend and colleague grow, before my eyes into who was meant be his whole and be doing the rest of his days. Now win this so you can let me know where to next..

#21 MadeIt
You did it with creating this and in my getting the message that voting hadn't closed, I get to make it in too and give my support.
#20 FlyingSolo
Now that you know that this CAN come out you, let it pour out and rain down onus like shower water. Great Job, exceptional and you should be vey proud. I hear the actual setting of it was just about 2 weeks, a little under that. If so that's unbelievable you must be on ire when in that room. I can imagine so, you're in your zone and able to do anything. I remember the experience of that with you. Bravo Abdul!
#19 Timely
I made that the subject because the work surely address some serious content quite beautifully but also WE CAN STILL VOTE -- HOORAY! I'll spread the word, this is a must man. Congrats-
You did that. Where are you setting it next or are you on to the next?
#17 Bellissimo
You did it my brother...YOU DID IT!!Now keep going.

#16 Loved it, so beautiful
I really loved this piece, the music, the ballet, the choreography. Very beautiful. Anyone who has had an ill family member can especially relate to this, Abdul was able to capture the chaos of the hospital with doctors and nurses and turn it into a piece of art. Thank You.
#15 You did it
Exceptional Job Buddy.
#14 WhaWHAT!!
Its too bad I couldn't be in this work.I'm sure glad it got out of you and on to some worthy individuals. Congrats-
#13 Outstanding
Proud of you, very proud. On to the next one.
#12 Surprised, No! Psyched, YES!
You've had it in you all along, I'm I'm just glad I got to see it and vote. When's the next one, I have to be there!

#11 LOVE
Should've gone up to 10 points. You out did yourself!!! Incredible young man, very proud!!
#10 Outstanding
Bravo to how such sorrow could bring such success. I hope it brought satisfaction as well. More please!!
#9 Powerful
The pacing, the arrangement, the kinetic energy tells the story of the family's anguish in haunting clarity. This moving piece has changed the way I look at the hospital visit. It is unforgettable.
#8 Captivating
True art takes you to places that you may have never expected. This artist invites you on a journey that is both transcendent and visceral.
#7 Powerful!
I loved seeing such beautiful dancing that's also coupled with a powerful undercurrent of emotion and storytelling. Gorgeous work!

#6 Stunning
Great work Abdul!! What a striking piece. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
#5 Outstanding work
This piece brought tears to my eyes. The way the choreographer moves the dancers around the stage so gracefully is awesome. The story was clear to me.
Unlike anything in life, I believe getting to see exactly what you envision in your head come alive on the bodies and in the performance of the individuals and artists you get a chance to work with is the ultimate gift of conceiving and creating something. So thank you each of you and everyone, you humble me and honor us with your votes and comments,
#3 Stirring!
The fact that it leaves you silenced and stirring is what good art can often conjure up in you and do to you. And this work does that and therefore is that.
#2 powerful!
A poignant and stirring piece whose power lies in its vulnerability in the face of a dynamic transition. It is tender yet bold, and courageouS, conveying the urgency and raw emotion of a simple but universal truth.

#1 Phenomenal Piece!
It is different, it is striking, it is phenomenal. This dream-scape like performance sends chills and make you wonder what will happen next. Once you read the summary, you begin to understand that this piece comes from a place deep inside the soul of the choreographer. I enjoyed it very much.
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