CARTOON LOVE is a quartet created at The Yard in 2008 as part of "An Evening with Martha Myers". It features music from Steve Elson's new CD "Mott and Broome, with lyrics by Daniel Wolff, sung by Jennifer Griffith. Choreography by Marta Renzi, danced by Mica Bernas, Carlos Gonzalez, Caitlin Granados and Rory Kaplan.

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Category: Modern
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Overall rating: 4.5
Votes: 8
36 points


#8 Fantastic
It was fun, flirty and sexy and I enjoyed it! It just makes me want to move!
Makes me want to dance around barefoot
#6 !
Yes MA'AM!
#5 Poof!
funny sexy silly, and the music and lyrics really swing. It makes me want to get up and fall on someone.
#4 Great Music
Mutual admiration...

I was so blessed to work with such talented people, thank you so much for that opportunity Marta Love always, Carlos
#2 Great Dance!
You know, it is pretty darn good!
#1 Cartoon
I'm prejudiced, but it's good, huh?
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