Relentless Chronicles: Psalms 23

Relentless Chronicles: Psalms 23 is the tenth installment of the series Relentless Chronicles Human Beings that are meant to reveal one's stuggle, triumph, and/or fails expressed by way of the lens. Relentless Chronicles: Psalms 23 is a depiction of a young man's (dancer Elijah Laurant) determination to press on in the journey of longsuffering with the Lord at his side. Hope you enjoy!!! Behind the Company and the Series: Relentless Dance Theater is a "gritty and raw" dance company experience that embraces the tradition of performing dance on stage and is also being revolutionary as the first dance company to exclusively have an ongoing short film series called the Relentless Chronicles that makes its stage everywhere and anywhere. Relentless Dance Theater's, Relentless Chronicles are a series of short films capturing a chronological record of the human experience through the vehicle of dance. With these Chronicles, I wanted to share those human to human experiences with all types of dancers: professional, non-professional, of different ethnicities, to different shapes and sizes, in order to truly tell these human to human interactions through film. My goal with this Dance Company and Chronicles, are to feed the soul of the human spirit and society as a whole. As a choreographer, the dance is normally the prominent voice but in these Relentless Chronicles, the message is just as prominent. I hope the journey represented in these Relentless Chronicles, impacts us so much that we are reminded that we have always been relentless human beings since the beginning of time.

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