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Hi there my name is Briar Nolet and am very interested in becoming the 2015 dance spirit cover model! at only 16 years old, I have earned several National and International Titles and has recently competed and received 1st runner up with my solo choreographed by the talented Travis Wall at the prestigious American Dance Awards in NYC this summer. I am also very well known as β€œRichelle” , a feisty and unbelievably gifted dancer, on the popular tween TV series The Next Step. I hope you enjoy my latest solo! Thank-you.

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#16 Briar Nolet
She is just an amazing dancer and so inspiring, she pushes herself to make everyone smile and works hard in everything she does, thatΒ΄s what I call a wonderful woman, Briar is one of the most beautiful girls ever, well clearly she is the most perfect one obvs :) She deserves winning this, she is incredible and never seizes to amaze me and all of her fans, Briar you are awesome seriously never stop following your dreams because you taught me that and I know you will arrive so dar in life<3 -Julia
#15 briar nolet
she is such a beautiful and accomplished dancer for her age. I hope she gets to be on the cover and further her dancing skills.
#14 Briar for the win
Briar is amazing! She's the most talented dancer I've seen dancing. She has the control, the flexibility, the technique, the emotions, the strenght... She proves us in every dance that she does that she is so graceful and that she is such a passionate dancer! She is my favorite dancer and the dancer that I love the most watching her performances.
Briar you are so amazingly talented. Im sure you win this. Youre sooooooooooo good . Good luck <3333
#12 YAY
You're amazing!

#11 Briar
I hope she wins
#10 Amazing!!!
I love you!!! I'm so exited. Good luck πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
#9 Briar nolet
I love briar and I'm so excited that she's nominated for the cover! I reallyyyyyy hope she winssss. She deserves it
#8 Briar
#7 Briar nolet
She also has done another incredible solo called "unstoppable" which is self choreographed and amazing. 4 front ariel walkovers in a row she can do, she definately deserves to be on the cover!

#6 Briar you are perfect!
Amazing, she definitely deserves the cover.
#5 Flawless
Briar, you continue to amaze me. Every time you dance, it's incredible. It gets better and better each time. You are perfect :) You should be the dance spirit cover model, you completely deserve it. Good luck!
#4 briar nolet
Briar never fails to amaze the audience. This has to be one of my favorite solos she has performed. Even though she is just 16, Briar has so much talent.
#3 Wow
cant wait to see you on the cover of dance spirit
#2 Beautiful
As I was whatching this I be came more drawn in she didn't need a fancy costume which made the dance 10 times better because it showed off how much more technique and I was able to focus more on her dancing than some unnecessary sparkly costume so props and keep dancing

#1 Briar Nolet
Wow this young lady dances like no other, makes it look all to easy.
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