Showoff by Kelsie Hendrix

Musical theater solo performed by Kelsie Hendrix of Dancers Edge. Choreography by Brandy Stiles. 1st overall at Primetime in Fresno, CA in the teen division.

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#83 interesting
nice, ur a great dancer. but i do have to agree a few parts were slightly inapppropriate. otherwise, amazing, i am so jealous of your leg flexibility!
#82 great!
i loved it! in my opinion, musical theatre is hard to do, since you have to lip-sync and dance at the same time! she was great, very flexible, and i loved her attitude!!!
#81 !!!
you are so strong! you are so limber!!! wow! great job! ~Kassandre Renee
#80 wow
wow girlie, youre awesome! your really flexible and the style u did, ( musical theater) youre great at it. dont pay attention to bad comments, just focus on the good. all people can ask of you is to do YOUR best, not someone elses standards of best, and it definatly shows you do your best and work hard to make your best better. i love your dancing! :)
#79 cute
great job!

#78 to Noobinater1
hmm.. let's see you dindn't deny that u have a kid who's horrible and u DO have to take it out on Kelsie and her mom. Interesting! And in case you ae wondering, I'm 12 too!! :(
#77 cool!
man, some people r SO mean! i'm 12, too and man, u people r mean! wat da heck? she awesome! just ignore those annoying people, Kelsie!
#76 By the way..
Oh and by the way do you know this girl is even a Christian let alone religious? You shouldn't assume things about people then tell them to dance for Jesus, it's a bit rude.
#75 My Opinion...
What ballet and non-competative dancers have to understand is that competative studios don't ONLY focus on technique, its about style and stage presence. Just because someone has perfect technique doesnt mean they're a good dancer. So really Kelsie, you've got it all! I'd like to see a ballerina do a double leg spin! Just keep stretching through those feet and keep your wrists strong! You've got a lot of talent and I cant imagine how great you'll be when you get older! Never stop dancing!
#74 I understand=)
You have a lot of potential and if you stay on track,you will be a great dancer. I totally understand having insecurities.....I'm only fifteen myself. I constantly find myself being my own worst critic. But i just have to tell myself to take criticism,good or bad. I always go out on the stage and dance for Jesus. I really truly believe these people are just trying to help you be the best dancer that you can be. But,dont let people change who you are as a dancer. Be yourself! God bless!!!!

#73 excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!
u are a wonderful dancer keep on strenchen u are very flexible and i love the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#72 Nice
Nice leg extensions! I love Prime Time! I will vote for u!
#71 good job
really good. Keep training and working on your skills.
#70 :]
You're probably really good at ballet because you have really long, controlled legs. You're a very strong, precise dancer and once you're older you're going to be even more amazing than you are now! Nice extensions and extension turns! I love Broadway dances, or theatre in this case, and that's usually what will draw the judges attention.
#69 OMG!
I love this dance! It is soo cute! You are a really amazing dancer!!

#68 well...
I think your pretty damn good for a 12 year old (L) sure theres alot of tricks but you do them quite well... great dance love it (L)
#67 loved it no matter wat people r saying!
wow! first of all i cannot believe this girl is only 12!:) that is amazing i really wish that i would have started dancing eralier when i see amazing girls like kelsie dancing like that. haha it was totally inspiring even if that sounds cheesy. great job!
#66 Go Kelsie!!!!
Awesoe job with this dance kelsie!!! i can't wait to see what other dances u have coming up this year!!! :)
#65 ...
you are like a really good dancer and this is a really good dance =)
#64 WOW...
you are so good. just keep working and you will get even better

#63 Cute
Or should i see cute cute cute
#62 Cute
Or should i see cute cute cute
#61 Awesome!!
The song is called "Showoff"... too bad that's what she did!! And thats fine by me!! She did awesome!!
#60 NOPE
keep guessing... i am not a stagemom. actually i think the mom who posted the responses is one but thats okay. and yes i do check to see what others have responded because it is getting to people. remember its just an opinion and not worth getting all bent out of shape over
#59 Your critics are fans!!!
Looks like NOOBINATER1 and Born2dance23 keep coming back to comment. They're watching to see if their comments will get to you..LOSERS! Haha that's funny. Thats were all the veiws came from - haters.. Since Born2dance can't spell, I'm guessing it's a jealous 12 yr.old.. NOOBINATER1 must be some crazy stage mom who's kid is awful and needs to take her anger out on your talented daughter.. PATHETIC!! Great job Kelsie and crew :) Keep it up!

#58 to mom
all i have to say is what do you expect when you put a video up for the world to see... people want to express their opinions and do!!!
it's not like im saying shes a horrible dancer im just talking about the coeagraphy there could been more stuff there SHE IS A GOOD DANCER
it's not like im saying shes a horrible dancer im just talking about the coeagraphy there could been more stuff there SHE IS A GOOD DANCER
#55 To born2dance23!!!
Why are you on here bashing EVERYONES dances? These are some of the best young dancers around! You are soooo jealous... Get a life. Your comments are a joke!
#54 hmm..
i did not like it she could be a good dancer but the choreagraphy was lacking!

#53 :)
very cute :)
#52 what are you thinking xXpowapuffXx
I totally agree with dance_429 comments and xXpowapuffXx i really dont know what your thinking. This girl looks like shes 10 and shes doing these slutty moves. It is so terrible that kids this age are displaying such innapropriate moves like this. I also have to agree with noobinator1. I really think this girl should take more classes or something but her hip isnt even down when she throws up her leg. i can get a monkey to do that. no hard feelings
#51 Amazing!!!
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kelsie amazes me everytime I see her!! I still like it better in person,but it's awesome on here too!!
#50 to Dance_429
Her moves weren't innapropriate! she's 13, which means she is a TEEN not a CHILD as you say. AND HER CHOREOGRAPHY WAS NOT RAUNCHY. she's amazing, and so is this performance!
#49 Um
I think the movement in this video is completely inappropriate for this CHILD'S age. This is why legit dancers think that competition dancers are beneath them. She has talent but the outfit and raunchy choreography take away from it. I can't believe the viewers voted for it!

#48 Great job!
Your lines are beautiful and your technique is fantastic! Your performance was good, but you could tone down the facials a smidge. Overall, really nice!
#47 to mistynicole
wow you have to be crazy to give that girl a correction she didnt do any thing wrong shes amazing
#46 good
this is really good i liked it a lot but if your looking to improve just point your toes. that distracted me a lot from your amazing technique and flexibility
#45 you should
totally try out for the 2009 cover girl search omg they could use strength and extenstions and jumps like you totally
#44 wow!!
wow!! your really good! you have great extenstions and amazing leaps! keep dancing! i loved this routine :-) where do you dance? cause this was awesome! muah! ♥

#43 To BJTDancer
Hi. Sorry so long to respond, I was at Showstopper Nationals. Kelsie takes lots of ballet and has since she was 4. You should check out my youtube account under sharesaz and check out all of her other videos. Her strength is lyrical and ballet. Anyway, thanks for all of your advice and yeah she is only 12. Good luck to you in your dance career.:)
#42 To Sharesaz
To be specific about her technique it's just her turn out and releve in turns and etc, but since she is only 12 she's great! Also she needs to relax her shoulders when she dances that way she can be more grounded in her turns. Tell her to imagine that there is a pole running from the top of her head to the floor. That helped me.
#41 To Sharesaz
Ok found your comment about how old your daughter is. Im 15 years old and my main genre of dance is ballet. I don't have flawless technique and i doubt anyone does. I thought your daughter was 15 or 16 haha im sorry. Since she is still young the bone in her hips haven't finished harding yet so she can do stretches to increase her turnout. I went to Europe for ballet and found out the Russians did intense stretches for kids at 10 years old so they could have darn near perfect turnout....scary.
#40 To Sharesaz
A dance teacher who will rip her apart only to reveal that she has had the confidence. I watched her videos and i could not even tell she lacked confidence. But i do agree with CaitlynDAT too. She is not an adult like you said so when she is older she may realize that she has progressed a TON when she looks back on this. And you have to think about competitions i have noticed most girls (not your daughter) focus on tricks and have horible technique. Does your daughter take ballet?
#39 To Sharesaz
I read the comment that you said to CaitlynDAT. Since your daughter does not hear good job often she needs to use that to fuel her dancing so she can get a good job and wow and great EVERYTIME she dances. I think personally every dancer goes through a period of time where they lack confidence. I know i still do. But since your daughter has the heart, the confidence shouldn't matter when she is on stage dancing or in a dance class. It will come with time. I think she needs a STRICT dance teacher.

#38 To Sharesaz
How old is your daughter?
#37 To Sharesaz
I apoligize if i was harsh. Basically i want it to come from the heart more.
#36 BJTDancer
I do see what you are saying, but her teachers work with her on fixing those things, she must have done a pretty good job, because she got 1st overall. Kelsie's specialty is lyrical. Maybe you should check out her lyrical video entitled Father God, hopefully there you can see her amazing technique and ability to move and dance. She is not really a "trickster". This routine was for FUN! Everyone attacking her dancing is not going to make it fun anymore.
#35 To Sharesaz
Dancing is more about the movement than tricks. Enjoy the movement and the tricks will seem more amazing.
#34 To Sharesaz
I do think that this was alittle repetitive. Also her technique could be better. For example, her releves when she turns could be higher, that way she can do more. Also when she goes to do like a calypso it helps to plie more in your chaines. I have been dancing for 13 years now and anytime i see competitions like these i feel like the girls are just "showing off" a ton of tricks and she kinda did that. When she prepared to do turns and etc you knew she was preparing for that.

#33 from jrmissnyla
hey girl you are absolutly AMAZING!!! I'm not joking, you will DEFINITLY be famous one day. And I agree, her teqchnique is FANAMINAL and some of you people out there need to keep your negative comments to yourself because trust me when she becomes older one day and is famous (wich she will be) you are really gonna regret what yall are saying.
#32 Wow!!!
wow that was amazing! great faces and turns and technique! love the costume! Your extensions are really good too! Great Job!!
#31 To CaitlinDAT
O.k., I am trying to stay calm, but I am not succeeding. The point I have been trying to make is that she doesn't always hear "good job"! She has had some very hard lessons as a dancer already. She is not an adult and therefore still very impressionable. She is not a super confident kid anyway and to see people like you attack her technique really hurts. She has won numerous technique awards. Do you have children? If you do, then you should be able to see where I am coming from. Thank you.
#30 Needs Work
I'm going to have to agree with DanceDiva04 and Tapper 2 - the choreography is not that impressive, and neither is Kelsie's technique. HOWEVER (calm down Mom, I'm only giving constructive criticism); she did perform it well and stayed in character. Kelsie seems to be extremely flexible - but strength-training will help her control her pirouettes more fluidly. Regardless of what people say - they have the right to say it. She can't hear "Good Job" every time or she has nothing to work for.
#29 To Sharesaz
I see where your coming from. I appreciate your love for your daughter. she is better than most of the dancers on here already and she is soo young! THere is no need for her to feel insecure. she has amazing stage presents. Good job hon! keep up the good work!

#28 from anastasia.
amazing extension. great fouettes. love the costume and the song. =)
#27 To dancediva04
Of course I am into this dancer, she is my daughter and I get a little defensive when it comes to people just being plain rude. I welcome helpful comments, I don't expect everyone to be blown away by her, but she gets enough feedback from judges to improve her dancing and technique. Kelsie still has insecurities as a dancer and it can be very hurtful for her to read mean and negative things. If goes back to the whole "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all". Thank you.
#26 To Sharesaz
You are obviously really into this dancer and i agree she did very well. i don't agree that you think people can only say really great things. If people only say good things then the dancer gets cocky or doesn't think she has to try harder. a little pointer sometimes can give them something to work on that they might not have noticed themselves. just thought i should mention it so you will stop saying everything under a WOW is an attack. and of course her technique will get better and better.
#25 WOW!!!!!!!
If you are going to put bad comments up then you are just jelaus cuz she is amazing!!!!!
#24 HA
and i also found it funny that the bad comments are from people who have not uploaded any videoS HAHAHAHAHA PATHETIC

#23 WOW
people who are putting bad comments are PATHETIC come on!!!seriously!!!this girl is AH-MAZING!!!and i bet pretty much anyone else world agree!!!
#22 Great!
very entertaining and shes very animated in her dancing! amazing flexability!!! overall amazing routine!!
#21 CUTE!
Wow! Even though I'm realllly sick of this song, really overused... I love her! This totally fits her:) GREAT choreography! I bet this is even better live. Legs forever jeez lucky girl! You can tell you work hard. Keep it up!
#20 Wow
I absolutely cannot stand musical theatre, its sooo annoying. But this routine was awesome. I couldn't stop watching. Kelsie is a great dancer.
#19 I LOVE U
Kelsie you are my favorite dancer ever!!!!! i wish i could vote for u am million times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#18 Very Nice
I loved this routine! I think that your technique was outstanding and your lines are so beautiful!! The only critique I would give is that on the parts that were less jazzy and a little more hip hop, you could be sharper but other than that I have nothing bad to say! :)
#17 To Noobinator1
Are you seriously attacking a 12 year old girl on her technique?!! Classy. Kelsie is an amazing dancer and has excellent technique. I would love for you to upload your own videos so I can comment on your flawless technique. Hope it made your day to bring down a little girl.
just keep kicking your leg to your head to score big... try dancing sometime it is much harder then you would think... it involves technique
#15 she certainly showed off
lol. very cute, i think it was a very appropriate song for her. I would have liked to see more expressions on her face, but maybe its just cuz its a little blurry. congrats and good job! =D
#14 To tapper2
You really need to keep the negative comments to yourself. I can't stand when people are rude like you. This routine is not the same moves over and over and it has done really well at all comps so it must be pretty well liked. Brandy Stiles is a very well known and respected choreographer. I don't know if you noticed, but all of the other comments on here are positive. I hope it made you feel better to attack another dancer.

#13 ?
I found this in "Video of the month" - won't make that. Your doing the same moves over and over - and they are alot of the same moves you did in another video you posted, but different coreographers... dance style must run in the studio..... so so, your Father God was way better.
#12 ams3495
She is lip synching. It is a musical theater number.:)
#11 What??
Is she singing???
Loved the really did cuz loved it.....I thought it was a perfect performance... keep dancing!!!
#9 WOW
WOW,from a future dancer......WOW

#8 WOW
#7 from Germany
Hi! Wow, you're such a great dancer! I love your dances!
#6 So Proud!
You are amazing and I love you!
#5 Fabulous Job!!!
Awesome!!! Amazing extensions. Love you keep up the hard work
#4 Great
Loved it! Great ending :-)

#3 from Jeanette
Kelsie, I could tell you were going to be a star dancer at age 4. Keep up the good work.
#2 from YourDanceChannel <3
Kelsie you are amazing! I voted for you :)
#1 Kelsie
awesome, great job
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