Dance for love

Dance for love (A tribute to Casablanca) The movie and the song of Casablanca have been one of the most popular films of the century. -Casablanca: easy to enter, but much harder to leave- Dance for love is all about the lover's emotional wave, especially painful part. When someone falls in love, the love we will have for this person is inevitable or uncontrollable, much like falling. Love is pain. I believe most of us will agree on this. Despite we all know this fact we fall in love again. Dance for love is the combination of visual images and dancing hands for showing journey to find a true love. The Casablanca’s music is so powerful to make me even cry while I dance with my hands. I felt very strong overwhelmed feeling all over my body. At first Manhattan scene on 42ST, I slowly raised the feeling of finding love among the people. However, they are rejected all my approaches. I am invisible to them. So, I pushed them away. After that, I tried to find love for myself. It is showed an upside down walking scene. My dancing hands are my strong passion for finding love. I traveled a long way to search the one. Finally, I found my lover but it ended so quickly. The fast moving car was the metaphor for this love. Another journey will begin. However, I confronted another obstacles and I walk away.

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