The Step Touch with Dana Moore

Dana Moore, who teaches Theater Jazz at STEPS on Broadway in NYC, demonstrates a basic, Fosse-style step-touch.

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#5 Joe Frisco
Thanks! I'm teaching some basic Fosse moves to my high school jazz class right now. I already know this move but it always helps to have someone else's suggestions on how to teach it correctly. The Fosse style looks easy but is really difficult to master!
#4 nice
great dance move
#3 i agree.
i like the lighting. you can see what shes doing better because your almost just seeing a shadow.. with a little more to it. lol
#2 hmm.
i actually think i like the lighting. because the window light is bright against her dark clothes, you have to concentrate more on her silhouette and each move instead of her muscle definition.
#1 video quality
As with many people who are afraid to show off their bodies, she's wearing black, so we can't see the details of her moves. Also, the lighting is bad; the backlight from the window obscures her. I recommend whoever is taping this use additional lights to make it easier to see HER.
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