One Perfect Moment

Contemporary Solo Kayla Hsu Age 11

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#22 Kayla Hsu
Brava! Beautiful!
#21 Kayla Hsu
Stunning! A joy to watch.
#20 Kayla
Just gorgeous!
#19 Kayla Hsu
#18 Dancing like a star
Incredible performance!! Keep up the great work!

#17 Kayla Hsu
#16 Kayla's Dance
You're so good! I hope you do well!😀
#15 Kayla Hsu
Graceful and beautiful
#14 Kayla's dance
Your dance was beautiful, you are such a good dancer! Good luck
#13 Kayla
The most elegant dancer!

#12 Kayla Hsu
What a beautiful performance!
#11 Kayla Hsu
A beautiful performance! Kayla Hsu is a great dancer.
#10 Wow
#soyouthinkyoucandance soon!
#9 Kayla Hsu
#8 Great!
Compelling performance! There's so much emotion in her movements.

#7 amazing!
awesome performance!
#6 Kayla Hsu
Amazing performance to a great song
#5 Kayla
Such a wonderful dancer - I can see the passion she has for dancing just by watching this video.
#4 Great job Kayla!
Very impressive! She has a very promising future!
#3 Kayla Hsu
This girl should win hands down. She is mesmerizingly beautiful. What an amazing performance!!

#2 Kayla Hsu
Amazing! Love to watch how her limbs appear to move so effortlessly!
#1 Kayla Hsu
Love watching this beautiful girl dance!
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