Brittney Brewer-Dear Old Friend

Brittney Brewer is 17 years old and is dancing to Dear Old Friend. This number was choreographed by Jimmy Peters. Brittney has been dancing since she was 3 years old and as this is her senior year, she has applied to several dance programs throughout the country.

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#46 Breath taking
That was one of the best solo performances I've ever had the pleasure to watch. Your movements came straight from your heart. Your fluidity, musicality, performance was all impecable. And your face showed a story. Thank you so much for that performance. I hope you continue to dance because not many people can inspire like you did and not many people have the capability to move an audience the way you did. Your were born a performer. Wow! I have one word: Stunning.
#45 Brittney Brewer
#44 You are a beautiful dancer...
You are a joy to watch, and a blessing to many. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow into a beautiful young lady, a gifted dancer and an outstanding performer.
#43 holy mc nugget!
dang girl u got style!
#42 Brought Tears to my eyes......
You gave such emotion in your dance and it showed me the story you were dancing. You really love to dance and thats what brought me to tears. I havent seen a work performed with such soul in a LONG time. My dance teacher always told me to really DANCE and you showed me what that looked like.

#41 omg you are such an amazing dancer!!!!!!
that doesn't even begin to cover it! thank you so much for that inspiring piece and thanks again for being such a wonderful dancer! good luck with your dance programs and i hope to see a lot more videos from you!!! keep dancing and sharing your gift
#40 Beautiful!!!!
All those years of training to put together just 2 minutes and 42 seconds of perfection. Outstanding!
#39 Brittany you have an amazing talent
When an artist can move their audience like you've done with this performance it is truly an amazing thing to watch. Never, ever give up your dream.
#38 Awesome ...
Brittney, I LOVE everything about this dance. The music, the passion you display ... the way you blend it all and paint such a gorgeous picture is amazing. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
#37 Deeply Moving
Brittney your dancing is beautiful. You are very talented and will go far. I pray your dreams come true in whatever you wish to do!

#36 Stunning
I was really moved by your dancing Brittney. You have amazing talent. Good luck!
#35 amazing
such talent, good luck
#34 Beautiful Dance!
That was such a moving dance-very well done and you are truly a beautiful girl! Good Luck!
I love you!! I hope your dreams come true!
#32 Tears here..
From a tiny little girl twirling in a the most amazing, accomplished dancer. Beautiful and so full of emotion. Brought me to tears. Simply stunning.

#31 Awesome!!
Michelle, You must be so proud....the video of Brittney is beautiful! What talent!!!
#30 Great job Britt
Your such a talented and beautiful dancer. We hope all your future dreams come true.
#29 Excellent!
Absolutely amazing!
#28 Wow!!!
I am guessing you are the next editor's choice!! Beautiful dance, beautiful dancer.
#27 Very Nice!!
You are a beautiful dancer with such great emotion!!!! Keep it up!

#26 Stunning
Let me just say: Amazing! I have watched so many people perform at competitions and all i see are people who do tricks and are really felxible. I don't think I can say I have ever seen a dance this truely stunning before. I and truely astonished! every part of you is into this. WOW! Keep up the AMAZING work! Smiles
#25 You know what I think! :-)
You're such an awesome and beautiful dancer! Oh yeah and that is sweet what Mc Cornster said :-)
#24 Wonderful
Really makes you feel the story. great job!!
#23 Great Job Mc. Tricky!!!!!!
To the world you may be one person..... but to one person you may be the world. Love, Corny Mc Cornster
#22 Very Touching
Brittney, this is absolutely touching. You are so talented. Lori Richardson, mom's class at Brethren

Hey Brittney the Liberty's are proud of you. You have turned into such a beautiful woman and dancer. Yes you look like your mom. As I watched your video it reminded me of your mom when she was trying out for the flag squad at school with such confidence!!! Keep up the good work.
#20 Stunning!!!
You are amazing to watch!!
#19 Beautiful!
You're just lovely, Brittney. Miss this so much. Kristen K
WOW... chills everywhere. always! youre so amazing. :) love you
#17 Show that little move I taught U porkcho
She has her momma's good looks and her daddy's sense of balance! Go Britt

#16 A Shining Star
Beautiful job, Brittany! You are so talented! :)
#15 The Next Star!
Check your voice mail,I think Mia just called. ;)
#14 Love it!
I think it gets better each time I watch it.
#13 So Talented
Keep working hard. You are a phenomenal artist!
#12 Mad Skillz
I can't wait to see you living your dreams on Broadway. Reminds me of watching your auntie Melle when I was a kid.

#11 brings back memories...
Brittney-we loved watching you again, your hard work has paid off and you are a beautiful dancer, it brought smiles to our faces. I hope all your dreams come true, you deserve them. We are so proud of you!!Love the QZ's
#10 Fabulous!
Great job Britt! You can tell you dance with your heart! Beautiful to watch. Thanks for sharing!
#9 :)
Can't Wait to see this years :)
#8 WOW!
What a talented dancer... thank you for that!
#7 Beautifull!!!
The way you move is incredible, you are so fluid. What a truly beautiful dancer you have become!!

#6 It must be in the family...
OH wait, I can't dance that well if my life depended on it! Fantastic Brittney!
#5 So Beautiful!!!
I love watching you dance Britt. Jimmy has done it again, a BEAUTIFUL number, but you my friend are the one who brought it to life!! If you ever need a costume, call me!!
#4 I Love You Britt!!!
ilove this version of this dance. you are gorgeous!!!!
#3 Gorgeous!
Such beauty and fluidity! Love 4Hs
#2 Brittney Rocks!
Brittney- You are a breathtaking dancer. Thank you for sharing your talent!

#1 Love it, Britt........
You and Jimmy are a great team : )
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