Maybe This Time

Victoria Caffey, age 16, Musical Theatre solo. Miss Superstar-2008 Star Sytems Regionals, choreography by Michelle Sherrill, sung by Liza Minnelli from "Cabaret"

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Added: December 7, 2008
Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Performance
Keywords: Victoria Caffey Musical Theatre Maybe This Time Pointe
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 196
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What a fun dance. You did a GREAT job!
#23 nice
i envy your confidents
Great Job!! It is always a pleasure to watch you. You go Girl!!!
#21 Great Job!
Luv the costume! i love Hall of Fame! Good job!
#20 LUV IT!
Fun pointe work. We like the different style. Fun dance and great costume. Alround terrific. Thanks!

#19 Lil' Red
Cool victoria!
#18 haha
in my character class we do a dance to this song but its way different and i love to see all the different styles
You are amazing at all the different styles you do. Brilliant, I love you. Keep it up...you are the next super star!
#16 victoria
awesome pointe work
#15 NICE
I enjoyed this! Nice turns...good job.

#14 umm....
awesome bod
#13 cool
good dance
#12 victoria
I LOVE your dance. I got all my friends to vote for you. Where do you dance?
#11 Awesome
You look like you are having fun. Enjoyed it.
I Love this dance and love watching your videos:]

#9 Victoria
You are fabulous!!!
Turns from the floor on pointe...WOW...WOW.
#7 Amazing
Amazing as always. You should definately get it "This Time" Love You!
#6 Nice turns!
Good job. Fun dance...good luck
wat up? you gonna win "this time"...ha ha

#4 victoria
cool victoria, way to go...
I am so glad somebody put something other than lyrical on here! Good job!!!
#2 FUN
What a fun dance en pointe! Very good.
#1 cool!
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